05 December 2007

Wardrobe Remix 12-5

dress: American Apparel
tights: American Apparel
sweater (in hand): Gap
belt: vintage
scarf: vintage
boots: vintage


Anonymous said...

oo awesome scarf!

- jesse said...

That's so funny:

I ended up with the same dress although I can't get away with wearing something that short a) to work and b) in Brooklyn with the 9 million catcallers we have here. I need to pair it with something else on the bottom next time but I still don't know what!

Fashion Tidbits said...

what colour is your hair? it's a lovely shade.

Sally Jane said...

Jesse - The dress looks cute on you. I like the way you layered it with jeans. I think it would look good witha slip under it too. Oh, and we've got our fair share of catcallers in LA (although I'm sure it's not as bad as Brooklyn)!

Fashion Tidbits - I do my color at home and it's L'Oreal's Mega Brown Chocolate. I get mine at Sally Beauty Supply.