28 December 2007

Spring Inspirations from Balenciaga

To be honest, I haven't really given Spring fashions any thought up until this point. Today we received our new Spring Balenciaga Look Book at work. Oh my! I'm loving the bold prints, the ethnic head wraps, the 60's shift dress silhouettes. Obviously I won't have any real Balenciagas hanging in my closet but I think the point of looking at photos like these is to simply walk away with some inspiration and make it your own with things you can afford. You could easily find an ethnic print scarf at a thrift store or flea market, throw it on with a flower print dress and some wedge sandals and viola! You're there! Click on each picture to view a larger version.


Lauren said...

im in love <3

hope u had a great christmas :D

Pret a Porter P said...

o wow. i already saw charlotte gainsbourgs wearing that 1st number. (she looked much better than the model)

AlicePleasance said...

Many designers are into platform/wedge sandals for the next S/S and I'm really pleased! Hope I'll finally find the perfect (cheap) version I'm searching for since a couple of years!

Sally Jane, have a wonderful new year!

That Spoofy Kid Named Caty said...


And you're still "in", but no one else is going to be wearing the same thing as you. And it's cheap! Cheap is almost always good.

S. said...

Outfit number one is perfection...and I love those tall boots.