12 September 2008

Tag, I'm It!

I've been tagged by Ranna at Only Shallow to list seven songs that I'm currently listening to. Since music is a great love, perhaps only second to fashion, I'll gladly take this tag. Here goes:


  • Danzig II: Lucifuge: Long Way Back From Hell - Danzig has been accompanying me on many bus rides lately. I just put in my ear buds, turn it up and pretend all the crazies on the bus aren't trying to talk to me.
  • One Day As A Lion - There are certain songs that define a point in everyone's lives. An album that you play over and over, or a song that reminds you of a certain time and place. Rage Against The Machine always holds a special place in my heart for those reasons so I'm excited to listen to Zack de la Rocha's new project. I've just started listening to this EP so I don't know if I can pick just one song.
  • People in Planes: Beyond the Horizon: Pretty Buildings - I love, love, loved their last album so I'm super excited about this new one. It only came out this week so I haven't had much time to listen to it over and over like I want to. If the early single is any indication of what is on the album I have a feeling I'll be wearing this one out.
  • The National: Um, pretty much every song - I was a bit late on discovering this band. The first album I heard was Boxer, their latest album. I fell in love with it instantly. After seeing them live earlier this year, I've started delving into earlier albums and I'm wishing I'd discovered them a long time ago!
  • The Casting Out: Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks! - OK, this is turning into a list of albums rather than songs. I don't think this album is technically available here yet. Luckily, I was able to get my hands on a copy. I was an uber fan of Boysetsfire and since this is the new project from BSF singer Nathan Gray, it was only natural that I'd love this too. (BTW, this is not the new album's cover art)
  • My Morning Jacket: Evil Urges - Yes, I have officially given up on picking just one song. If you even think you might sort of like MMJ, I implore you, you must see them live. I saw them just last week at Constitution Hall in DC. For the third time. They do not disappoint.
  • Radiohead: In Rainbows - I think I'm a Radiohead fan for life. This album is perfect for the rainy days we've been having lately.
  • Travis: Something Anything: J Smith - Travis is one of my all time favorite bands (Fran Healy is one of my all time favorite crushes). This album hasn't come out yet but I've been listening to the two songs previewed on their site over and over. I can't wait to hear the rest.

I guess that's eight songs, er, albums. Just chalk it up to my OCD kicking in. I needed an even number of album covers in my collage to make me happy so you got a bonus album on the list. :)


Anonymous said...

oo very eclectic mix, good taste :)

ann said...

fran healy is so deliciousy crushable :)

inabeena said...

i saw you in my newspaper today! they did a feature on vintage clothing and YOUR PICTURES WERE THERE! twas quite awesome! :)

Louise said...

That is very eclectic music taste indeed, the ones I haven't heard of I am keen to check out - I always find myself listening to the same albums and bands that I love for years. Seeing a great band live is always a sure way to be won over.

crayons said...

ooh, People in Planes. I haven't heard from them since about 2006

inabeena said...

ill try scan it asap! :)

AsianCajuns said...

I love Travis so much! They remind me of my days in Scotland!

Caitlin said...

I'm so excited that you're into People in Planes! I love love love to find other fans! I've been madly in love with them since the video for "If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode)" came out. I still haven't managed to get my hands on the album, but my brother bought it, so I'm trying to get him to make me a copy.

b. said...

kudos for the national, although alligator is a million times better than boxer.
a million more kudos for anything radiohead. been listening to those boys since '92.