11 September 2008

Vintage Finds

I just realized that I haven't shared some of my favorite vintage finds of late. It seems that the vintage gods have been on my side as I've finally found several things for which I've been searching for months. I've also been stockpiling things for cooler weather. I actually wore a pair of newly thrifted green suede boots out of the house last night and they were perfect. Sorry, no photos of those yet. Later, I promise. In the mean time, here's a collection of photos I'd like to share with you of some of my favorite finds.
  • I've been on the lookout for a vintage train case for ages. I see them on EBay all the time, but haven't ever placed a bid. I really wanted a robin's egg blue one, but I found this olive green one and it'll do just fine. I'm going to use it as a sewing case (I guess that means I need to start sewing!).
  • This black leather mini Gladstone bag is perhaps my favorite find in weeks! I've been coveting Effie's perfect one ever since she first showed it. I'm always searching for them on EBay but they all seem to be located in the UK (why is that?) and go for a pretty penny. This one opens up to reveal the prettiest vintage fabric lining. Love!
  • I've been collecting vintage hats. The black velvet one is from the 30's and will look perfect with a feather in the band. The tweed fedora has found a permanent home with my boyfriend and, I must say, is a perfect fit.
  • I'm excited to try out this vintage Polaroid Land camera. I actually have some 669 film left over from some Polaroid transfers that I did a while back. I hope it works!
  • Shoes for autumn in every shade of brown a girl could want. I can't wait to pair these with tights and wool skirts.
  • This bakelite rose necklace is a pretty shade of burnt orange.
  • I felt like I'd run across a lost treasure when I found this collection of vintage handkerchiefs. They are all so delicate and feminine with floral prints and embroidered scalloped edges. The ones with the dogwood prints are my favorites, of course.
  • A cream colored 50's blouse with a rounded collar and decorative button placket on the front. This is the exact blouse I've been searching for! It even zips up the back.
  • A swingy corduroy jumper. An autumn wardrobe must-have.
  • Sweater vests. My new obsession. I can't wait to figure out all the ways I'm going to wear these. I'm working on a Four Ways post with the argyle one. I'll post it soon!
  • This wool jumper reminds me of one in the new Built By Wendy collection. I shortened it and added the ethnic embroidered belt. I actually found several jumpers like this and the others are sitting in my to-sew pile and will go up for sale in the store.

(If you'd like to see these photos a bit bigger, you can go to my Flickr photostream)contact layer


Julia said...

Oh, so many beautiful things! I love them all!

Nothing Elegant said...

I'm loving all the new/old shoes!


Shoes are great!

www.cherries-and-raspberries.blogspot. com

Lily said...

you are a thrifting genius!
we all have a lot to learn from you

Louise said...

I love love love it when you put together your photos like this. Your photography and use of colour is just splendid.

Ranna said...

I adore every single piece, but I'm especially jealous of that velvet hat!

Missa said...

Amazing finds, so inspiring!

svenskaussie said...

I feel like I'm in a kid looking in the window of a toy shop when I read your fab blog and see your wonderful purchases and ideas, it is the most inspiring blog on the net. Never stop !

StrikeMatch said...

How are you going to pick what to wear first!?! All of these are amazing but my special love goes to the bakelite rose.

AlicePleasance said...

Oh...the hats and the shoes are a dream!

melly said...

The shoes are all great! So is the wool jumper, esp with the addition of the belt. It really resembles the BBW one.

I'm beginning to appreciate hats now.

pinktuutuu said...

im loving the shoes!! are they gonna be for sale?? and that last jumper dress is ultra adorable.

miss milki said...

I saw a gorgeous blue train case on etsy yesterday - if you're still holding out for blue - but I think that green is gorgeous too.

Lady Melbourne said...

I haven't been past for a while and I've missed so much!
I love, love, love those hats you found, how lucky you are.

ramona west said...

i'm a little jealous about the brown t-strap shoes and the black velvet hat.

Sally Jane said...

Thanks so much for all of your comments! Hopefully you’ll be seeing lots of these pieces again soon – when I’m wearing them!

Louise: Thanks! I love making these collages.

Ranna: Yes! I can’t wait to wear that velvet hat.

Svenskaussie: Wow, thanks so much. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the blog.

Strikematch: I know, that’s the hardest part! I’ve already put together several outfits in my head.

Pinktuutuu: I’m not sure if these particular shoes are going to be for sale but I’ve got plenty more that will be. I’ll be listing several pairs a week so keep an eye out.

Miss milki: Thanks! I’ll check it out, but I think I’ll stick with the green one for now.

cassaundra said...

Love your blog - will stay tuned to your auctions.

Like to trade links??
Find me at mondmelodie.blogspot.com

I've added you!

Imelda said...

Wow, those are amazing! Lucky you finding all these pretty things!

Adiel said...

I never find stuff half as cool as this when I browse thrift stores. Lucky you!

tessa said...

Love those shoes you found!

---> ACE?!?! said...

what a lovely collection!

i love love collecting vintage hats!
It’s a new obsession of mine and it really is a shame that we aren’t allowed to wear hats in school :(

but i do try to wear them everywhere else!!! :)

Emily said...

you take such great pictures of all the things you display. i can tell great lighting plays a huge part which i have little of. my room is painted somewhat dark warm colors. i need to find a way to bring more light into my room so my photos don't come out looking so blurry as they always do. and great finds by the way, i have had some rather good luck lately too!

crispybenfranklin said...

I love those shoes!

Laras Fasha said...

oh my..
such a cutey!