19 February 2009

The Beginnings of a Spring Wish List

After reorganizing my closet last week and pulling out all of the summer clothes I'd stored away over the cold months, I've been thinking more and more about spring. When I think about my spring wardrobe I mostly think about vintage dresses and sandals. Right now I'm trying to collect pre-war pieces - think 30's day dresses, 20's camisoles and antique leather purses. But a few new pieces have caught my eye that I'd like to throw into the mix.
  • I have a hard time finding vintage blouses that fit so new feminine blouses are always on the list. This one by Orla Kiely kills two birds with one stone: it's a pretty blouse and it's yellow!
  • For every day wear throwing on a simple dress and flat sandals is always the easy route. I love these two little dress: the first is from Forever 21 and the second is Built By Wendy.
  • I'd like a light pair of vintage inspired sunglasses instead of the dark ones I've been wearing.
  • I never manage to find a pair of shorts that I'm comfortable in. Hopefully this will be the year.
  • I'm such a messy person I usually avoid wearing white. I inevitably end up covered with stains by the end of the day. But this frilly white dress is stealing my heart.


Rachel C. said...

shorts and i have an awkward relationship - as in, i feel very awkward in them unless their paired up with tights. i'm thinking i may try out shorts on bare legs again by getting something like that adorable overall jumper you posted about last week.

svenskaussie said...

Love those sunnies, nice change from the dark frames around at the moment.

Casey said...

That blouse is so pretty! I only wish I could wear yellow--it's always such a gorgeous color to work into one's wardrobe. :)

Ayesha said...

Pretty pickings!
I have been looking for the perfect white girly dress for what seems like ver! The one you have posted is very close to it however!

I'm also loving yellow lately, doesn't usually suit me, but i'm trying!

copperoranges said...

i love the way you laid out your wishlist .. you are so creative. i love the chambray dresses, but on me they look so shapeless. i should work this out.

Anonymous said...

i want/need shorts too! and the f21 dress is amazing

Society Hill said...

I just bought a few sunglasses from forever.

but be careful buying anything from forever21 online, for some reason, I always end up getting charged for 2 things instead of one.

alixrose said...

I have a love/hate relationship with white. I love to wear it, it looks awesome but I hate to wear it because I WILL dirty it. I just cant stop wearing it though.

WendyB said...

I have bad luck with shorts too.

niki said...

i'm afraid of wearing white too! but all i seem to want lately is anthing white and ruffled.

esme and the lane way said...

Oooh, such lovely things, I do love OK.

I have found heaps of pussy bow blouses in my thrifty travels, and wore the white one today – and managed to stay stain free! I am rather pleased with myself :)

Sunset said...

Thank you so much for posting up those shades, I'm in love with them!