30 May 2009

I will be right by your side, don't you try to run and hide...*

dress: 30s cotton day dress (see it bigger)
shoes: vintage Ferragamo
purse: vintage
*listening to: Blame Ringo - Lucky Number 9 "Gable Arch"
crab apple blossoms courtesy of The Snail & The Cyclops flickr


Królewna said...

Wow, I love your dress!
And even more I love your shoes, I'm dreaming of flat t-straps, but I'm afraid I can't get them in Poland. I think this is gonna be my first purchase in the USA via Internet ;)

Hannah said...

Beautiful collages to match an equally beautiful outfit ^_^

CocoCherie said...

The first collage is so beautiful, it's by far my favorite one yet. It all has such a romantic feel.

Hippie Frou Frou said...

the architecture is so romantic, lovely outfit lady!

jess s//

Alice said...

ohh the frames look lovely, they compliment the tones in the pictures so well!
and I love the shoes too.

Kelley Anne said...

I am always in awe of your wardrobe posts. That dress is lovely, the shoes are perfect (where on earth did you find vintage Ferragamo shoes, you luck girl?:), and the setting and frame fits the whole thing perfectly. Just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

i love the contrast of the brown heels with the white dress

Laura said...

how do you do your pictures with the frames?
is so nice!
i love it so much!!!

setyourselfonfire said...

wow cute dress! your blog is really great, i'm having fun looking around xx

Market Publique said...

love the frames! And the arches on that place, gorgeous!

Quixsa said...

Love everything about this post! The dress, the framing, your hair, everything :0)

Isabel said...

This dress is amazing, and the frame enhances everything so well! Love this, Sally Jane.

Anonymous said...

i'm 17 years old .
from java , indonesia
i love ur outfit that's very beautifull
n'i like ur photograph it's very unique..

i love this.