31 May 2009

Things I Didn't Buy

I know I do quite a few posts about things I buy but there are many, many more things that I see and like but don't buy. If funds were unlimited you could bet that all of these pieces would be hanging in my closet.


The 30s crochet top is being sold in a lot with another 30s blouse on Etsy. I'm quite fond of this pretty peachy one but not so much of the other one. I'd hate to pay for two tops only to wear one of them. The black Lyell blouse is listed on Ebay. I see Lyell pieces on Ebay quite a bit and always watch them but never bid because the price usually skyrockets right at the last moment. As far as I know, they're both still available if anyone is interested.


The 30s crochet dress (I'm sensing a pattern here!) was on Ebay. It ended up selling for $52 which really isn't that bad, I don't think. I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye out for more 30s crochet pieces. The last one that got away wasn't so much because I was being good but because I was just a bit unlucky. It's a pretty silk blouse from the 20s that was being sold on Ebay. The price sat at just .99 cents for days and days. I figured if it didn't budge I'd put in a low bid and see what happened, only the auction was ending at a weird time when I knew I wouldn't be around to bid. I signed up with one of those free auction sniper programs so I'd be sure to get my bid in. Well, it turns out I must have done something wrong when I signed up because my bid was never placed! The top ended up selling for just $8. What a heartbreaker. Oh, well. Somebody out there got a great deal!


Lexie said...

ahhh, i really do not like ebay! i feel like i always get the raw end of the auction deal!

Jessica Turnbow said...

I love that dress, so cute!

anja louise said...

I was watching that 20's blouse even though it was too small for me, and I was surprised that it ended so low!!

Anonymous said...

Aw, such a lovely top. Why not try putting in your maximum bid on eBay listings? That way your bid will increase if someone over bids you.

Hannah said...

Ah! I was going to bid on the silk blouse too but decided that I'd already spent too much money this week and needed to be good. I was surprised at how little it went for too.

Quixsa said...

Lol! I love that you featured things that you didn't buy- all of which are precious items :0) I know the feeling of having to limit your buys because of your budget.