05 August 2009

Now & Later

Please forgive me, as this is one of those days I warned you about when my mind is so spent I'm having trouble typing coherent sentences. I spent the afternoon painting my new studio space and getting as much paint on me as I did the walls. Tomorrow is another full day of painting but I do hope to get a few things listed in the Etsy shop before I dive back into the paint can.

In the process of getting ready for the move I've been going through my closet and trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. My goal is to get rid of anything I haven't worn in the past year and keep pieces that will be versatile, especially in the upcoming months of transitional weather. As my "keep" pile grew and grew, I noticed it seemed to have a lot of plaid pieces in it. Among the pile was this 50s cotton plaid skirt and an H&M shirt dress. I love these pieces because they can stay in my closet all year round.

After putting these outfits together I'm thinking that plum is going to be a big color for me this fall. Also, can I mention how completely strange it felt to put on a pair of tights?!

Now: vintage cotton corset cover, felt cloche, vintage straw bag and sandals
Later: H&M ballet top, vintage wool beret, thrifted plum tights, vintage gladstone bag, UO boots
Now: vintage felt fedora, vintage Coach bag, thrifted 80s flats
Later: H&M cardigan, grey wol beret, thrifted plum tights, vintage Coach bag, vintage boots


Little Monarch said...

very nice. i love tights as they can take a summer dress and turn it into an outfit fit for a winter wonderland. very versatile!

Anonymous said...

loved this post :)

Hippie Frou Frou said...

I think it's great that each outfit has a lovely hat!! that 3rd is esp. neat.

jess s//

AnnaBananaCupcake said...

Both of these pieces are great! I've got a lot of plaid in my closet too, and this seems like a great way to get more wear out of them. I'm inspired. :D

hannah said...

i love these! i might have to try something similar. and those plum tights are so good! i gotta find some.

Mars said...

love this post :D! i've been trying to buy items that will transfer from season to season and this is great inspiration :)! you look wonderful, as usual!

Piglet said...

Love all of those looks.
And you have the most fantastic hat collection!

Frances Baker said...

Plaid is the best! It really is a pattern for all seasons :)

theTrendyDwarf said...

I love both looks! All four pictures are amazing! They are so classic and you should definitely design vintage old looking clothing for men...I would so buy! I really would.
check out my trendy blog!

Anonymous said...

omg love the wardrobe remixing! so natural

Antonio Barros said...

All now's and later's look lovely!!!


terrarustica said...

Beautiful! Love the summer/fall versions! :)

Meaghan Kelly said...

your first "now" is my personal fave here. I can't get over how much i love that corset cover business!
i'm also endlessly jealous of how long your hair has gotten. it feels like i've been growing mine out for two years now!

WendyB said...

Great tights!

Anonymous said...

this is gorgeous
loving every bit of this before and after

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Isabel said...

I love when you do "Four Ways" posts! :) The first outfit is my fave.

Eyeliah SS said...

and also hats I see (as you are wearing one in each shot!) This reminds me of your four ways (2 ways x two!) great looks.

Q's Daydream said...

I love that plaid skirt! It's perfect! :o)

Jules said...

I love your blog.

text machine said...

I love those purple tights. I've been kind of lusting after the look of black sheer tights ever since it became too warm to wear them but I like the arty look of the purple a lot and I wouldn't have thought of it myself. really cute.

Lexie said...

i love now & later posts!

and i too am a total sucker for plaid!

Anonymous said...

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eep! said...

i adore this post! you should post more of these, they're so inspiring and better than the ones in Lucky magazine.

caramelizedvintage said...

Mm I love your hats. And plaid is a staple I think. That first summer look and the second fall look are my favorites! So they're going to be keepers? :]

Summer said...

Love this outfits ever! =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Aurora said...

oh you have no idea how excite you've made me for fall. i love layering and am saddened when i have to give ot up for the warmer weather. you do it fantastically, i hope you do more of these, they're fantastically interesting and inspiring.

Katy from A Life Fulfilled: Atlanta said...

Love both of these... and love how you've shown us how to wear these pieces in warm and chilly weather. Awesome!

Manja said...

Plum is a beautiful color! And plaids are always great. The outfits you put together with those two basic pieces are amazing!

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electricat said...

Gorgeous !!!

your style is amazing :)and not to mention, ultra inspirational