04 August 2009


These promo shots from AMC's Mad Men are killing me. Even if the show weren't so good, I think I'd watch it on mute just for the style. Luckily it's pretty much the best TV show ever, so I don't have to worry about that!






photos by Frank Ockenfels from the AMC blog

And almost better than those photos is this little behind the scenes video of the wardrobe department I discovered via The Cupcake Diary. What a dream job! I was smitten as soon as that big ol' Southern "y'all" fell from Janie Bryant's lips.


Mandi Johnson said...

Oh, I would love to see the photos, but the images say they are unavailable. Hope you get it working again!

Love your blog.

TaĆ­s Oliveira said...

I was just about to say what Mandi said.
Oh, and congratulations for the blog anniversary!
ps.: don't mind my english, I'm from Brazil.

13bees said...

loved watching that video - nice find. that lime green dress on the cutting table had joan written all over it!

reilly said...

I want to die there. It's not often with a TV show that you can actually love everyone's wardrobe, but I do!

Sarah said...

It's true that those pictures are so cool! I LOVE the blong woman's dress on the picture at the end.

christine said...

raaaahhhh! i am also very excited for MAD MEN! the days need to go by a bit faster!


Antonio Barros said...

The costumes are perfect!
I want to see this show!!!

Belly said...

I owe you a debt of gratitude for turning me on to this show. I am so excited for the new season! I wish I could remember where, but yesterday I saw a photo of Don Draper on a moped rocking a skinny tie. EEE!

Anonymous said...


and the video was wonderful.I loved the idea of people having fun dressing in the 50s

Casey said...

Oh wow--I loved watching that video with the peek into the designer's workshop! So fun! (Thanks for posting it!) I'm really getting excited about the new season... I think even my husband (who hasn't seen any of the episodes yet) is getting excited too. lol!

Ms. B said...

Lovely images! Oh why can't we all dress like this anymore?!



Lexie said...


i watched season one and two of MM last week and am SO IN LOVE! except i have no cable .. so i have no idea how i'm going to keep up!

AlicePleasance said...

Haha, I knew I would like it too ;-)

Margaux said...

OOOOOOH. How I wish I had cable!!

Isabel said...

I don't watch tv, but this looks pretty fabulous!

svenskaussie said...

What a treat, thanks Sally Jane, I can't wait for season 3. Congrat's on your anniversary too, I adore your blog, never stop !

Bette V. said...

Thank you Sally, those pictures are once again eye candy. I love the proper school girl secretary type with the pleated skirt and red belted vest- just GORGEOUS!

Bette V.


The Barely Tattoo'd Artist said...

I haven't seen the show nor know what the plots are about, but I do know one thing...

I want the redhead secretary (or atleast I think that's what she is) wardrobe...

BTW, love the dress from last post...

caramelizedvintage said...

Oh the dresses. They look anazing! I always hear about Joan. I wish I could watch this show. I would be drooling all the time...

Andreja said...

oh my god i am dying with anticipation! these promo pictures couldn't be any better.

Ashley said...

Thanks for loading those lovely pics, the vid and the link!!! I had such fun looking through those pics...such inspiration! We don't have the show on TV here in my country, but think this has motivated me to search for them online!!!

Anonymous said...

I. love. Mad. Men. It is arguably one of the best series to come from the US.

corrie said...

SO PUMPED. I'm going to need to buy some scotch for the premiere.

Every Little Counts said...

january jones is unbelievable. i actually have to catch up- i've only seen a few episodes from the first season. i think a marathon is in order.

Every Little Counts said...

january jones is unbelievable. i actually have to catch up- i've only seen a few episodes from the first season. i think a marathon is in order.

Anonymous said...

Mad Men is having a contest to win a walk-on-role! You should enter! You are supposed to send a picture of yourself in dressed Mad Men style.
You could so win.
Just search Mad Men Banana Republic casting call!
I think there's only a week left though.

Pretty Little World said...

I think I might give my first born to own the wardrobe from this show -- every single piece is perfection.

Also, for season three, I really hope they do a little something with Peggy's bangs -- can't hair and makeup be a smidge nicer to this girl? She doesn't have to go all bombshell or anything, but would it kill them to give her straighter or side-swept bangs?

helenlouise said...

The women are of course dressed beautifully but it's the men too! I'd love it if we all still dressed like that.

Lune Vintage said...

I am a devotee of MM too. LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

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