29 November 2010

Winter Dresses


I don't have any outfit photos to show you this morning, as I usually would on a Monday, because winter arrived in full force over the past couple of days and I wasn't quite prepared. I was going to take some this morning when I awoke and saw the warm sunlight pouring in through the windows but then I checked the weather and realized all that "warm" sunlight was just an illusion. It's 25 degrees out there!


Instead I spent the morning in search of the one thing that seems to elude my wardrobe; long sleeved dresses. Why is it that so many dresses offered in winter collections are still short sleeves or at most, three-quarter sleeves? I'm a fan of cardigans as much as the next gal, but sometimes I don't want to worry about all those layers.

Steven Alan

Once I really started looking I was pleasantly surprised by the selection that I found. Granted, I'm not going to be affording A.P.C. or Steven Alan any time soon, but there are affordable options from Modcloth and Topshop. The grey striped dress from Modcloth should be arriving in my mailbox any day now.


Hopefully I can bolster my wardrobe with a few of these choices (or I really love this one from Dear Creatures) so that getting dressed on these super cold mornings won't seem like such a chore. Today will be spent in my pajamas, getting packages ready to send out. Maybe I'll actually get dressed tomorrow!

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Built by Wendy


Anonymous said...

Love the stripes from APC, and the polka dots from Topshop x

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Oh I love that nautical dress from Dear Creatures too! I would spend my whole winter in it!

Chaucee said...

These are beyond perfect. I would add every single one of them to my wardrobe if I could.

Cel said...

I just have a hard time finding good winter dresses at all. I only thrift my clothes, and when September hit, dresses became an endangered species all together!

Looks and Books said...

Yes, long sleeved dresses are so difficult to find sometimes! My aunt bought me one yesterday from a local boutique and I'm wearing it today already. :) Good luck finding some for your closet!

Looks & Books

Dulcie said...

I have that cream topshop dress with the black polka dots but it shrunk so badly when I washed it, I can now only use it for layering. And I only washed it at 30 degrees centigrade!! xx

Jenni said...

Drool. These are gorgeous. I love that Dear Creatures dress!

A Little Brighter said...

I have a crazy amount of long sleeved dresses in my wardrobe (all vintage too!) my problem is that I am going into summer and they are too hot to wear! :(
Can't wait to see your new dress(es) and your picks are perfect!
I work from home too and often spend entire days in my pajamas ha! I guess it's a perk of the job!

Ayesha x

AP. said...

I always wear long sleeves in the winter, whether it be just a cardigan over my dresses or a long sleeve dress, which I much prefer. I have really severe keratosis pilaris and strange birthmarks that show up in the winter more than ever and long sleeves are the only thinks that do the trick in covering them - lotion doesn't help in the slightest. I'm currently drooling over these dresses now.