29 November 2010

Lula Issue 11

scans from TFS

It seems the long awaited issue 11 of Lula Magazine is finally out in the world. I've read early reviews complaining about everything from the new font to the fact that it's "less sugary" than previous issues. I'll refrain from forming any opinions about it until I get my hands on a copy. It always baffles me how quickly people are willing to criticize others' creative pursuits. It seems people aren't happy that the magazine has evolved. Doesn't everyone evolve or at least hope to? I'd hate to think if this blog was the exact same today as it was when I started it three years ago!

At any rate, I do like this spread with its ghostly images. The credits for the piece read like a who's who of the fashion world... Kate & Laura Mulleany, Kirsten Dunst, Rachel Antonoff, Autumn De Wilde. It's an article (you can read it scanned on TFS) with accompanying photos about iconic white dresses. While I do love the way these dresses look in the photos, actually wearing a white is still a scary prospect for me. Me, of hot chocolate stains and grimy cat paws. Maybe I'll take a leap and try it soon.



Anonymous said...

This is kind of spooky. Love the photos!
Love your blog, btw.
Please feel free to stop by my blog if you have a moment. Thanks!

A Little Brighter said...

I know exactly what you mean abotu not waiting to get used to it! I did the same thing with music awhile back, but now some of the new albums from artists I hated are now my favourites. Just takes awhile to get used to:D
That spread looks amazing! Wish I could get my paws on Lula, but alas it is nowhere to be foudn here!

Ayesha x

Christina Catherine said...

I'm excited to see a more sophisticated Lula. I think the strictly-sugary thing had run it's course. The ladies who edit this thing are in their late 20's, super cool and smart - I think their vision had begun to limit them.

Can't wait to get a copy!

Miss Tami Lee said...

I haven't seen this issue yet, so I don't have anyway to agree or disagree said statements. But I do feel that most people don't like change, don't like the new. They want the comfort of the known & expected. It seems contradictory in the ever evolving fashion world to think that way, but it sure seems like it.

LivingInSong said...

I'm sure you would look wonderful in white!

Nadinoo said...

I'm hoping to get my hands on a copy today, thanks for your optimistic view point. I'm excited once again :)
Love Nadinoo x

Roma is Love said...

I agree on your point about evolution. regardless of the results, we still have to recognize efforts of those who strive to be better. :) I used to get irritated whenever I see craft products exactly like ours but eventually, I realized...once our idea is out...it's no longer private property. the only thing we could do is to come up with better ideas and evolve. :)

Rosaspina Vintage said...

Totally agree with you Jennifer, thanks for looking at things with your fresh eyes and not getting corrupted by cynic trends or easy criticism.
These photos are amazing, I can't wait to find my Lula issue in the post!

Casey Maura said...

I'm kind of eager to see this new issue and how Lula has evolved. I think it's neat to see artsy publications change both with the times and as they mature. I really am loving the darker, spookier look to this editorial. I guess I know where I'm stopping this week (the bookstore!). ;)

♥ Casey | blog

Q's Daydream said...

Oh, I can't wait! One of my favorite issues was the one with Kirsten.

blouse said...

people are always very resistant to change of any kind. i wonder if it's because we are all afraid to change ourselves, even though deep down we know it's necessary and good.

thank you for the into to this magazine! i'm going on to see more of what you posted about it and hopefully i can find a copy somewhere. although it seems hard to get your hands on!


Ginta said...

It looks perfect! It's sad that I can't buy Lula in the country I live. That's really, really sad! :(

The Mad Twins said...

What an wonderful pictures! I love the atmosphere, so mysterious. And the last dress, wow! O_O sooo lovely! I adore everything of it, and the picture is very well also Ö