03 December 2010

Etsy Update: Navy Blues

sjv collage 5x8b

Here's a little peek at the items I've added to the Etsy shop today. Have a lovely weekend! :)


Chaucee said...

Hey Jennifer, Love your shop. Do you think you could find more things in a size medium or large? It's hard to find vintage in that size, especially on etsy.

kathy said...

Love the dress on the bottom left!

Oh and i'm giving away an issue of Lula on my blog- http://5678vintage.blogspot.com/

EAL said...

Navy is one of my favorite colors. All these dresses are so lovely...but I think my favorite is the last one in the second row. It looks very sharp.


Some beautiful dresses, I love the navy colour.


Clarissa said...

The left one on top looks insanely 30s -- wow-wow-wowo!