03 December 2010

Wren Holiday Collection


With all the holidays right around the corner it's tempting to starting thinking about sparkly little outfits to wear to parties, even though I don't have any parties (fancy or otherwise) to attend. The nice thing about this Wren holiday collection is the outfits aren't really so fancy that they couldn't be worn for more casual events. I especially love the striped dress and the all-the-way-buttoned-up blouses. By the way, I got an email in my inbox this morning about an exclusive Wren dress being sold at Target. It's pretty cute!



sarah nicole said...

These are pretty and you have great taste. Be my personal shopper and stylist, please? : )



Love the hat and tucked in shirt in the top right picture.


Anonymous said...

I love the red skirt, black blouse outfit.

Lucy xx

Carys said...

I love this collection, it's so cute!! The blue tights look lovely.
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Christina said...

Love the striped dress and the red dress!

miss twinkletoes said...

Very cute collection. Love the 1st look and love the bowler!!!


A Little Brighter said...

All the oufits are lovely, but that rose dress is my favourite! Such simple, but dressy looks!

Ayesha x

Couve Illustrations said...

I just love the second outfit!!!


Paige Tanya said...

These are amazing!

The Mad Twins said...

Amazing collection indeed. I adore High-waisted skirts. But I adore al the clothes on the pictures. ^___^