03 March 2011

Etsy Update: Spring is in the Air, Pt. 1

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60s seersucker dress, floral reversible wrap skirt, navy polka dot blouse, 60s sailor dress, 70s Jordache jeans

It's time! All of these pieces have made their way into the Etsy shop and I'm working on adding even more. Be sure to stop by and check them out. Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

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70s denim jumper, navy floral embroidered blouse, 60s striped dress, floral print skort, 50s pleated skirt

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70s belted dress, 70s seashell sundress, checkerboard crochet top, cotton plaid skirt, 60s brown striped top


tracychambersvintage said...

I am loving the 60's sailor dress. The color is great! BTW where did you get the sandals - vintage?

Unknown said...

i loveee the 60s seersucker dress! i feel like you could do so much with it!!

<3 steffy

Unknown said...

but it is sold :( sniff

Mikelle Jade said...

Happy to see these beautiful pieces on you. I always think it's helps when I get to see the clothing on an actual body :)