03 March 2011

Etsy Update: Spring is in the Air, Pt. 2

2 (3)
polka dot dress, 50s brown plaid blouse, pleated green dress, snail love skirt, Levi's chambray shirt

2 (1)
navy striped dress, turtle love dress, shamrock sweater, ruffle mini dress, blue embroidered skirt

2 (4)
Calvin Klein jeans, calico print blouse, blue pleated skirt, 60s abstract print top, 70s reversible skirt


Steffy's Pro's and Con's said...

love love the calico printed blouse!

<3 steffy

Lisa said...

Oh! I just love these posts!
They must be a lot of work.
So worth it though. Very inspiring! Now if only the snow would melt...

zit... said...

this collection is fantatic!
your blog is great too ;D

Anonymous said...

I love how you organized this!

It is very visually interesting.
Hmmmm, that chambray shirt is a really nice cut.

(though i must say this talk of spring makes me a crabby-pants, given that it is coldcoldcold with two feet of snow here in MN. I can dream of spring though, right?)

Anonymous said...

that turtle skirt is SO amazing!! i used to have a whale one like it that one of my old roommates stole. i like this turtle one even better though!

the dizzle said...

ahh! i really like you modelling the clothes. i know it's not for sale but can i ask where you got your gray tank top from?

Retreauxgirl said...

Love the colors! Turtles Rule!!!

jb said...

I was wondering if you would post the Levi's chambray shirt soon?

Airis Harumi said...

i love the 60's print top..very pretty :)

De la Provincia said...

So nice clothes!
we love your blog!
visite our blog!