10 March 2011

Etsy Update: Smilin' Gal Vintage

butterfly print dress, plum belted dress, lavender gingham dress, pink petal print dress, 40s baby blue dress

pink color block skirt, 50s peasant dress, pink plaid dress, lacy pink dress, mint green dress


Monika-icoulddothis.blog said...

I love your photo shoot idea :)
Simple and funny and a lot of...You

Unknown said...

love the mint green dress! what a great color for spring!

<3 steffy

Brooke Brown said...

love the shirt dress in the third look!


felicity said...

I love these dresses! I've recently started buying some of my clothes from thrift stores and I'm having so much fun with it! I love seeing what's out there.

Unknown said...

You obviously have an exquisite eye for vintage clothes with a sort of timeless appeal!

Now that you model the etsy clothes, I get the impression you are attracted to many colors but keep and wear a narrower range. Essentially, your color sense seems very sophisticated, and the clothes you use in your wardrobe pictorials are highly flattering to your hair color and skin tone. Can you address your color theory? How do you balance colors and neutrals? Lights and darks? Do you have a formula or do you just go by instinct?

ChiccaStyle said...

Love,love,love your lacy pink dress!!!Just hearted on Etsy!