30 January 2012

Alex Katz

Grey Art Gallery

I remember reading a while back that the paintings of Alex Katz were a big influence on the spring collection from Steven Alan.  I wasn't familiar with the painter so I set about trying to find out a bit about him.  What I discovered are these cheerfully colored painting depicting scenes from what looks like a pretty great summer vacation (despite the melancholy look on the subjects faces).  I sort of want to tell everyone, "Cheer up!  It's summertime!" 

I can definitely see the influence on the colors of the Steven Alan collection although the brighter colored pieces aren't my favorites.  I tend to like the muted colors better.  But looking at these paintings does make me want to take a summer vacation that includes laying on the beach with friends and rowing in a canoe and wearing pretty much everything from the Steven Alan Collection. 



Savannah Marie said...

What beautiful artwork. I love the canoe + the beach!

Cheers, Savannah Marie

nana said...

the canoe is the best!

Paris W said...

I really love these! The last would have to be my favourite, though.

With love,
Paris of The Vintage Look

The Closet Intellectual said...

I adore the pop art movement! Thanks for the beauty~*


nerosunero said...

Beautiful absolutly beautiful, and his interviews (you can find them on both youtube and vimeo) are the most interesting interviews about american arts in the 50/60s
But nothing to do with pop art, here we are in front of one of the great master of Realism!
thanks for posting