26 January 2012

Photography: Aubin & Wills


The lifestyle photography of Aubin & Wills is making me excited for a couple of things.  One is slightly warmer days that call for light jackets and bare legs.  I don't need spring to come quite yet, but a little sunshine would do this girl some good.  The other is some upcoming travels that Tom and I have been busy planning as we've been stuck inside this winter.  There's one more important thing that I have to line up before I can talk about it without feeling like I'm jinxing the whole thing. I'm also working on a post about packing for long trips when you have very limited space.  I spy a few things in this shop I wouldn't mind having in my bag.  Like this striped dress or this pretty collared one



Domonique Wilson said...

LOVE this shoot!The way it has been shot is just perfection, thanks for sharing :)



the wild bunches said...

I'm in love. x

Baiba said...

Ahh, Irina looks so great!
And all the shoot atmosphere is amazing too :)

Emma said...

Alex James <3

These make me really want to go to London! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing Jennifer!

Emma x

E. Katya said...

Looks gooorgeous!


Savannah Marie said...

What a great shoot! So pretty!

Savannah Marie

girlwhosluvinlifex said...

really pretty :) please follow me or even check out my blog i'm new to this and would greatly appreciate it :)
<3 <3

Telma Fernandes said...

I love your look and your blog. Congratulations.
I created a blog recently and I liked that you were seeing it.


I hope you like,

Sweet Cherry.

Anna K.outure said...

Great photos!


Julie said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing!