07 February 2012

New Old Things


It's been quite a while since I've done one of these posts!  There have been a few things that have slipped quietly into my closet over the past couple of months and here are my favorites.  Some were thrifted, some were traded and some were found at local vintage shops.  First there is a sweet 70s knit dress with pastel floral embroidery and pointelle details.  I'm always a sucker for these types of dresses and finally thrifted one in my size.  Then there's a 60s era cotton dress that needs a little TLC since some of the buttons are broken/missing but other than that is pretty much perfect.


I have a little collection of blazers but for some reason I hardly ever wear them.  I'm going to do my best to show this 1930s one a little daylight now and again.  It's quite lovely with its pointed collar and nearly-falling-apart silk lining.  As a matter of fact, seeing these photos side by side gives me an idea of exactly how to wear it... layered over this gauzy cotton blouse.  This piece is quite a mystery to me.  When I first spotted it I thought it was going to be a 70s bohemian style piece, but upon closer inspection there's nary a machine stitch in sight and all of the embroidery was lovingly done by hand.  There are little hand crocheted buttons that fasten up the back.  Now I think it's much older, perhaps 10s or 20s!


Last and certainly not least, this 30s era sailor dress.  Serious sailor perfection.  When I first spotted it, this dress was being tried on by another vintage loving lady at a local shop.  I stood and watch her turn in front of the mirror, looking this way and that, trying to decide if the dress should go home with her.  The whole time I was turning green with envy that she had found the dress only moments before I surely would have discovered it.  After stalking her around the store for a bit, I saw her take the dress to the check-out counter and tried to put it out of my mind.  It was her lucky day, not mine.  Then for some reason, she must have changed her mind at the last second and I wasted no time swooping right in and making it mine all mine!


Suzanne said...

Ahh! Close call with the sailor dress! Lucky girl. It immediately had me wishing Downton Abbey would work a seaside vacation into the plot. ;)

Just found your blog today & it is adorable! Thanks for the inspiration.

Le'Moore said...

love love love the sailor dress! I found a 30's era one at an estate sale and just can't give it up!

Alexandra said...

So lovely, I like these posts


I love that last dress, so pretty :)

The Closet Intellectual said...

OMG that sailor dress is to die for!


Sierra said...

I love that pink striped dress! When I first glanced at this post I was hoping it was an Etsy shop update ;)


Andrea Clare said...

the embroidered top and sailor like dress are sooo cute!!!


Ashley Ording said...

Everything is so lovely... what scores! I think my favorite is the little sailor dress, though. So perfect, I don't blame you for waiting around to snag it! I can't wait to see how you style it... flawlessly I'm sure! xoxo

sew nancy said...

Pretty finds. I love the blouse and sailor dress.

allison said...

OH. MY. GOD. That 10s-20s blouse is what dreams are made of! I certainly hope you didnt thrift that?!? What a find! And yes, please do wear it with that 30s blazer, it will be an adorable pairing. Maybe with a great pair of worn in jeans.