06 February 2012

Penny Stock


I just discovered the spring collection from Penny Stock and it definitely has me pining for warmer days. The clothes are the definition of easy-to-wear.  Theses are my favorite looks from the collection.  I'm especially fond of all the nautical stripes, the high waisted jeans and the pretty sundresses. From a photography OCD standpoint, it's making me a little bit crazy that the model's feet are cut off in most of the photos.  Ha, ha.  I was unfamiliar with the line so I tried to find past collections but only found menswear.  Is this the first offering of women's clothing from Penny Stock?  I don't know.  I certainly hope it's not the last. 



Anonymous said...

Everything looks very chic, but every day wearable. I love that pale dress up top!

Shannon said...

I have never heard of this company before, but I love this collection. I love discovering new fantastic clothing companies.


Anonymous said...

Love that white dress! :)

Fashiable said...

What a cute collection, love ittt


Mici Mathonka said...

love the first dress and then the long one, I like the idea of fabric as a background.

Julie said...

These are so pretty. I love those orange shorts!

xx, Julie

Henna said...

Adorable outfits -- Love the hats!


Cat Kuehn Designs said...

love this! thanks for discovering it for me :) and yes it looks like they just launched womens which is awesome - can't wait to see more.

Alex said...

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