15 April 2012

American Hipster Presents - Bex Finch

Have you seen this series from American Hipster Presents?  When I first heard the name of the series, I thought it was going to be some sort of comedy thing or making fun of people.  But, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a thoughtful series of shorts featuring talented people making their own way in the world.  I related to this one of Bex Finch the most, as I think any blogger who has tried to master the self-portrait will.  I checked out the rest of Finch's photography and really enjoyed her series of Big Sur.  It reminded me of our time in California and driving up the Pacific Coast Highway to San Francisco. 



Joy said...

i love the earnestness of the interviews. so nice to see the bright side of hipsterdom! so sick of all the "being ironic for the sake of irony" type of thing. thanks for the intro to such a great series!

Sierra said...

This is such a great series. I really enjoyed the video you posted and can't wait to watch the other in the series. Thanks for sharing!


Emily Peebles said...

What an interesting series! I really loved that episode you posted. I'm definitely going to start watching. Thanks so much for sharing!

Bruklyn Belle said...

There's such a beautiful connection between how she feels about her father's condition and her photography. I think it's something so many photographers aim for and never really successfully pull off. Good for her!