10 April 2012

Juliette Hogan


I remember seeing some runway photos from this Juliette Hogan collection during New Zealand fashion week and falling head over heels for the floral prints and layered jumpers.  Now there is a new Juliette Hogan website that includes lookbook photos of the collection as well as a web store where you can grab a piece for yourself (if you have really deep pockets). I really love that first dress above!



Emily Peebles said...

What a pretty collection! I do wish my pockets were deep enough to buy some of these pretty dresses.

Romy van K. said...

Love your inspiration!

That white dress is awesome!

xx Romy


Rachel Elizabeth said...

Love your blog, always interested in what you have to post! I have just started my own, please take a look! :) http://thesefoolishthings94.blogspot.co.uk/

J-A-N-I-S said...

Great collection! Could imagine wearing every piece of it!

J-A-N-I-S said...

Great collection! Could imagine wearin every peice of it!

Caitie said...

love these so much! especially the white floral dress with the black collar!


reckless daughter said...

beautiful! I love that floral print!