29 September 2012

Calivintage for Swedish Hasbeens

Calivintage for Swedish Hasbeens, photos by Diane Vo

I'm sure these photos are going to spread around the blogosphere (I hate that term, but it is applicable here) like wildfire and I suppose I'm doing my part to help fan the flames.  I just couldn't resist since from the moment I first saw them I was completely taken with the styling, the photos and the overall feel of the foggy California coastline.  Seeing these photos makes me bit homesick for the days Tom and I would hop in the car and drive up the Pacific Coast Highway for a weekend getaway.  Oh, California... how I miss thee (sometimes). 



Liz Lauren said...

Cute looks! Love them all!!


Sara said...

So inspiring !!

BaronessVonVintage said...

What a doll...and love each & every outfit!!!

chachamisu said...

beautiful photos! The styling too of course, nostalgic

Leah said...

I gasped when I first saw these on Erin's blog; they're so gorgeous!

Amelia Kate Ayerst said...

Absolutely love these photos!