01 October 2012

Amsterdam, Pt. 2


Our second day in Amsterdam was the gloomiest and rainiest day of the whole trip.  We were beginning to get worn down after two weeks of traveling and it was hard to get up and head outdoors when we were greeted with grey skies and constant rain.  We started the day with a good breakfast of Dutch pancakes and they were so delicious it turned our mood around and we were ready to brave the rainy streets for one last day of adventure.

We wandered through the northwest section of the city that reminded us of the West Village in New York.  I had spotted a vintage store in the neighborhood the day before but we didn't have time to stop.  Now with it raining, we wanted to spend as much time as possible indoors so we stopped in.  It was a cute, small shop and had nice selection of pieces but at first I didn't see anything for myself.  Just as we were leaving, I spotted a 30s silk embroidered peasant top hanging in the front window.  I ran back in to try it on and ended up bringing it home with me.  I was my favorite find of the whole trip.

After a few hours of rain, the skies finally cleared and we had an afternoon of sunshine.  We were so tired of walking we decided to take a touristy canal trip so we could sit for a while and still see parts of the city.  We ended up on a boat with a really fun and informative tour guide and actually learned a lot about the history of the city on what we thought would be just a cheesy ride through the canals.



Liz Lauren said...

love your coat


Rachael // The Paraders Vintage said...

Wow, I'm so jealous! It looks like you're having a great time!


Chaucee said...

Oh what a dream, what a dream! I'd love to visit there someday. Hopefully you went home with some nice pieces from your shopping!

Leah said...

Pancakes always seem to turn my mood around : )
You look so chic!

BaronessVonVintage said...

oh, that blouse!!! How wonderful!

the spectator said...

Love the wonky houses.

And the canals. And the bridges.

Hypua said...

Beautiful pictures :) and interesting blog congratulations.

Destrehan's Daughter said...

You got amazing shots of you trip, but I'm never really surprised because the quality of your photography is always great. I also am so jealous you got to hit so many shops in Amsterdam. When I went we had just under two days and four people to satisfy. Shopping was a low priority, but we did get to wander around. Thanks for sharing.