08 November 2007

New at Sally Jane Vintage

New items posting in the store today! Keep in mind it usually take until over night for them to actually show up in EBay's search system. Lots of dresses and finally some shoes. Be sure to check it out. Thanks as always for stopping by!


fashionfix said...

I can never find lace up boots like that in my size (a size 10 us).. argh. Any vintage shoes are hard to find in larger sizes, I find.

The Thriftymamas said...

You always take the best pictures! I find that to be very impressive because whenever I try to take pictures for my blog, Thriftonista, it is like I have never taken a picture before in my life. I'll even practice poses before hand but once that camera comes out I forget everything. Oh, well. America's Next Top Model I am not...
So, I really love your blog and your ebay shop. Perhaps you could check out my blog some time. We sell gently used vintage and retro apparel and ALL of our prices are negotiable. We set a basic price and then allow the seller to bid whatever they are happiest with. We are just starting out and there is still so much to learn. I see that you have been doing this for a while so it gives me faith that if we just keep working hard, it can go somewhere.
Anyway, your blog is awesome and your style totally kicks ass.
Best wishes,
TaRosa (Thriftymama T)

The Thriftymamas said...

Sally Jane,thank you so much for stopping by, checking us out and linking us!!! We are working so hard to get our shop going and it is really inspiring to have someone in the "vintage blog" community take the time to stop by and support/ acknowledge our efforts. You totally rock. We will link you back ASAP.