28 September 2008

A Weekend in the Big Apple


This Friday the boyfriend and I will be packing up and heading to NYC for a long weekend adventure. We plan on wandering around the city at our own pace with no big plans or agenda. Just the way we like it. Besides tickets to see Nick Cave on Saturday night, we don't have any solid plans. If you live in NYC or have visited recently and have any recommendations on where to go or what to see, I'd love it hear it. We've done all the cheesy-fun touristy stuff before so I'm more interested in hearing an insider's perspective on what we should be on the lookout for. In particular any great vintage shops, gallery shows, vegetarian restaurants or quiet, dark bars. We'll be staying in Chelsea each night and sticking to Manhattan during the day. Help a sister out! Thanks!


Dan! said...

i'd lovee a weekend in NYC, but it's kinda far for me. :P
Have a good time!

Shinnteo said...

Hope you enjoy your trip to NYC! I wish I could go there! Well I've not been there but I believe you'll enjoyyyy! : )

olive said...

im going to nyc this weekend too! im going to see jenny lewis and i cant wait.

if you are going to be in brooklyn head over to beacon's closet. there is one in williamsburg and one in park slope. i promise you will find something!

there are also a lot of really cute shops all around bedford ave in williamsburg. great food and really great shopping. you don't even need to go out determined to buy something because it's just so much fun walking around.

have fun this weekend!

Sophie said...

Ooh have fun!! I swear I will get to visit NY one day.. ah!

svenskaussie said...

How wonderful ! I'm planning a trip there myself next year, I can't wait. Have a fab time.

Anonymous said...

Angelica Kitchen in the East Village is the best vegan restaurant i have ever eaten at. Even my meat eating family from the South loved it!

Anonymous said...

Also for a dark bar try the Library which is also in the East Village. The atmosphere is neat- dark, candles, old/arty movies playing on a projector. Plus the drinks aren't ridiculously expensive (for NYC standards at least)

Nita-Karoliina said...

have a nice weekend, i am going to long weekend to london, remember PICTURES!!!

Melissa former brooklyn resident now westn mass. said...

Lets see...if you like middle eastern food check out Moustache in the east village on 10th btwn first and a. Good bars all over but d.b.a is on first ave btwn 2nd and 3rd streets and it is a beer bar with some cool imports and lesser known drafts. they also made a nice martini for me with rosemary in it! they also have a little outside tent which is cute for nyc. I hate to say it because it is so filled with annoying clonely hipsters but williamsburg really does have the best tiny restaurants. try the roebling tea room on the corner of roebling and manhattan ave. it is so cute and not all veggie but delish! ohh! you have to go to mobys resturant in LES called Teeny. all veg/veg and amazingly good. i sat next to vincent gallo hitting on some bored looking model there once! :) have fun! oh and yeah i love your blog!

Angelique said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! It's so encouraging when people say such lovely things. I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've seen so far, and yes, please visit often!

As for NYC, I went to college there a few years ago. I'm much more familiar with the Upper West Side than anything downtown. There was a cool bead shop on 83rd street between Broadway and Amsterdam where I got a giant vintage Japanese wooden floral-painted bead a few years ago. (That's a lot of adjectives!) It was right next to Cafe Lalo, which is a lovely little cafe, although it tended to be busy.

Have a lovely trip!
- Angelique

Ben said...

ok, so i tried reading most of the comments to stay away from saying things twice. i recommend going to the lower east side or williamsburg and bushwick, where they have the best vintage stores. i personally think that beacon's closet is overrated, since half of the store is just used american apparel for the same price as buying it new. also, there is a very cheap (for new york standards) vegan restaurant called vegan paradise 2 (a cheaper branch of angelica's kitchen) where they make fake meats and has a slight fushion theme. i love it and the prices. good luck!

Nina said...

gee, i knew there was this great paintings exhibit but i think it's over by now. I'll check and get back to you.

Bobby Hamasaki said...

Mm.. NYC it's a nice place.. but my friend said that this city is dirty, lot of rats or mouse.. not like we saw on movies... hehehe... but It's gonna really fun if u visit my country.. visit Bali!!! most beautiful island with warm people ready to welcome u..


ryder said...

If you are wandering around Manhattan a drink at The Algonquin is a must! A cozy hotel lounge/bar with a classic interior! All old Hollywood glamour & NYC luxe. It's where Dorothy Parker & her "round table" of writer friends used to hang out.
59 West 44th Street
Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues

cassidy said...

i know your plan is to stick to Manhattan during the day...but as someone who lives in Brooklyn, you really realllly should check out the Brooklyn Flea Market. It runs on Sundays from 10-5 rain or shine and has some great vintage clothing/bags/homemade pieces, etc and is in a really cute part of Brooklyn. There is also a really delicious brunch place across the street called Olea. From Chelsea, it's probably less than a half hour trip...something to consider!


Sally Jane said...

OMG! Thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I'm definitely writing these down to take along with us. Keep 'em comin'! :)

daily coyote said...

Are you staying at the Chelsea Hotel??? Bring your tripod - that place is self-portrait heaven. Don't be afraid to wander around the hallways and stairwells - I love that place! xo S.

WendyB said...

Check out my friend Evan's vintage store Frock on Orchard Street between Stanton and Rivington. Tell him Wendy sent you!

Anonymous said...

oo have fun, sounds perfect!

Tali said...

For bars a really dark, chilled out bar that I like going to is Local 138. Its not quiet(depending on the night and time, you go) but its definitely laid back. Its in the LES.
Also Pianos is always great. Has great food and is down the block from Local 138.Also really awesome bar that anyone going out in the LES has to go to is Max Fisch. GD I love that place. Cheap drinks, great vibe, cool music.Pool Table.
Great great veggie places is on the west side. They're called Vegetarian Paradise or Red Bamboo. Its in NYU vicinity.
Cheap vintage in the city is definitely No Relation. Its on first and 10th. Also theres Rags-a-gogo. Which is on 14th and 8th.But theyre by no means cheap like thrift stores.vintage dresses go for about 15 to 35.
For bars in brooklyn you should def. go to Royal Oak. that place has little dark nooks that are perfect for cozying up.Also Pete's Candy Shop, which is around the corner from Royal Oak is also quaint and cozy.
Hope this helped!!!
Have Fun!!!

chelsea said...

i LOVE new york. my favorite veg restaurant to eat at when i'm there is GOBO, near washington square park. here's their website: http://www.goborestaurant.com/west/index.htm
so good. have fun and take tons of pictures!

ZORI said...

Have a wonderful trip in he big apple and don't forget to take many pictures

kristin said...

ooh, you should try Gobo- best vegan/vegetarian food ever.


it's at 6th ave and Waverly Place

Sally Jane said...

Thanks again for all of the suggestions. There is some really good stuff here and I’m sure we’ll try to make it to some of these restaurants and bars. My boyfriend lived in NY for four years but it’s been a while and things change there so rapidly, your suggestions are very much appreciated.

I’ve heard great things about Williamsburg and Brooklyn but we won’t be making it out that way on this trip. Maybe next time!

Anon: I’ve heard about Angelica’s Kitchen. It sounds amazing, especially if your southern family went for it!

Anon: The Library sounds great. Just our kind of bar. It’s going on the list!

Melissa: Wow, thanks! We’ll mostly be around the LES so I’m taking your notes with me. Sounds great.

Angelique: No problem, your blog is great!

Ben: Thanks for the tips! Vegan Paradise is going on the list. We don’t have any “fake meat” restaurants here and I always enjoy them.

Ryder: Thanks! I’ve read about that place and we love bars with a great history.

Cassidy: Thanks! We won’t be making it out to Brooklyn on this trip but I’ll save yoru note for next time.

Daily Coyote: No. I wish! I’ve heard the Chelsea Hotel is amazing. We have a friend with an apartment in Chelsea who is out of the country so we’re taking it over for the weekend. Umm… I guess staying for free beats out the Chelsea Hotel. ;)

WendyB: Thanks! I’ll be sure to throw your name around freely where ever I go. ;)

Tali: OMG! Thanks so much. We’ll mostly be around the LES so these are perfect. The Local 138 sounds like our kind of place.

Chelsea: GOBO is going on the list! Hopefully we’ll make it there.

jacky said...

here are some other veg restaurants I really like in NYC:
blossom (9th av b/w 21st & 22nd): http://www.blossomnyc.com/

counter (1st av b/w 6th & 7th):

broadway east (east broadway b/w rutgers and jefferson):

fakenamecutegirl said...

I was in NYC for two years with a veg husband, and hands down the best fake meat I've ever eaten is at the Red Bamboo. As well, If you want the Chinatown expirience, I lovelovelove the House of Vegetarian on Mott just below Canal on the east side of the street. Try anything in which they use yam to replace meat. So amazing. Personally I found Counter terrible and way overpriced.

great blog, have fun in the greatest city in the world!

Tea Lady said...

Along with Olive... Beacon's Closet is a must for you! Take a good 2-3 hours - its vintage heaven (inexpensive!). A lot of vintage stores in Soho/Greenwich are very expensive.

Cafe Habana for the best cuban food ever! - Corner Prince & Elizabeth Street, Soho. (the corn is delicious!)


we had fun going to Loeb's boat house in Central Park. Getting away from it all whilst paddle boating on a beautiful pond. Makes for a relaxing time... Have fun!!!

Kristen said...

i second the red bamboo... it's in the west village i believe 3rd of 4th st and 6th ave. in the future when you do make it over williamsburg there is an amazing vegan fast food place called foodswings on grand st and havemeyer.

have fun!