02 August 2009

I Can't Help Myself


Here are a few more fall looks from Steven Alan I'm saving for cooler weather. I love the plaids (he always has the best plaids), the military inspired jackets and the ankle boots. I'm not 100% sure about the cropped trousers but they're beginning to grow on me. These are the sorts of looks I really feel like I can recreate with thrift store finds. Perhaps a Steven Alan inspired "A Girl, A Thrift Store & Twenty Bucks" post in the future?


And just for kicks, here are a few looks for the boys...


Anonymous said...

there are so simple & chic, like anyone could construct these outfits out of their own closet! love it! somehow very basic, but inspiring!

Lexie said...

i like the purple dress in the middle! too pretty.

caramelizedvintage said...

I love the ankle lace-up boots! The first outfit is the winnnner for me. Feminine, simple, great plaid, shape given by jacket, and pop given by the red tights.

I don't know about cropped trousers. I myself would look silly in them...I think you could pull them off, though. You do with everything else!

And yesss you should do a "A Girl, A Thrift Store & Twenty Bucks" post. MHM.

Kelley Anne said...

More than anything I can't get over how much I love those shoes! I checked out the store, but no dice.

mm said...

i agree kelley, the ankle boots are great! it appears that shoes aren't sold at the steven alan online store, but i think they might be jeffrey campbell (a couple seasons ago?). can anybody identify the shoes? thanks for the post!

Rachel C. said...

oh, i love the cropped trousers look! my biggest problem with trousers in general is pairing them with the right shoes. with a cropped look, it seems to me that there is more versatility with your choice of footware.

LML said...

i would like to have a boyfriend who dresses like that!

love the girls attire too :)

Christy @ White Willow Vintage said...

The guy's looks (and the guy) are really great. I am so ready for fall. We are in the middle of a heat wave in Vancouver, Canada right now; its been insane. Way too hot. I'm ready for that lovely crisp fall air.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Some great looks.

theTrendyDwarf said...

Both the guys and girls look so classy and incredible! I love them both! If only more people dressed like this...it would be a happy world? I guess if we all dressed like this though, we wouldn't be able to marvel at it and it wouldn't be so special.
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Summer said...

I like those male suits..=D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Ariel said...

i hope i run into a boy dressed as spiffy as though models sometime soon...

EB Finds said...

Warm, cozy fall outfits-makes me whish is was here already!

LFVintage said...

This really made me want a pair of red stockings. I never thought they could fit such a wide variety of items.
I love it.

laurakitty said...

Hah, it's Jamie!

I'm also loving the red tights- they look fantastic. I'm counting down the days until I can wear tights again...

Corinna said...

i'm missing my tights in summer:( for autumn i def. have to buy some red ones as well

orders said...

All tights by Bleuforet, all Jewelry by Winifred Grace, flat lace-up boots by Keller, heeled boots are model’s own I think they were from Urban -but it was last fall.

We are getting in the tights, jewelry and some similar Keller boots in for fall.

Stevenalan.com E-Comm Manager

Matt said...

oh man, now I need some sort of twill coat! I say this as it is currently 90 degrees outside...

Anonymous said...

these looks are fabulous
thanks for sharing the inspiration!

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a brown-eyed grrl said...

I wish I could go vintage/thrift shopping with you! I have tried SO many times, and I never have any luck. I mean NOT ONE PIECE. The things I find that I like are never my size, and I leave empty-handed. Boo. :(

Mars said...

lovelovelove these looks :D thanks for sharing, totally saving them :)!

Anonymous said...

No wonder you have doubts about cropped pants Jennifer. Nobody looks good in cropped pants. Not even adorable 16 year old models. Cropped pants are u.g.l.y. I take that back. There is a group of people who they do suit. Middle aged golfers in plus fours. :o)

Isabel said...

Contrary to the above commenter, I'm really starting to get into cropped trousers...

monkey toes said...

hahaha i love ur idea about the future post :P thrift stores are just kooolll :D and i like those wearable looks...because they're ..wearable.. :P :P

joshylola said...

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