04 May 2011

New Old Things


A week or so ago I mentioned that I had thrifted some David Hamilton worthy pieces for summer wear. I often think that polyester completely ruined the entire decade of the 70s but then I find a pretty sheer cotton blouse and my faith is restored that some good things did come out of those years (plus I was born in the 70s so it can't be all bad, right? ha, ha).

I know that first dress doesn't look like much hanging there on the wall but I've pretty much been living in it for the last week. At first I thought it was just a pretty floral print but after wearing it for four days straight I finally realized there are little mama and baby koalas hiding amongst the leaves. So stinkin' cute! The other three pieces are sheer floral print blouses that I plan on pairing with high waisted shorts. That's sure to be my go-to outfit whenever I don't know what to wear this summer. And don't worry, I didn't hog them all for myself. I've already done one 70s floral inspired Etsy update and I have another one in the works.


girluntitled said...

i want that last shirt on my body.

Mrs. C said...

What adorable tops!! LOVE them!!
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Grrenadine said...

The last shirt is really cute! I love it!

Sweet Bonnie said...

It´s very beatiful :)

Pretty Things said...

awesome finds! they're all so pretty!



dahhlayne said...

Mama and baby koalas! That's probably one of my most favorite aspects of clothing, which is seeing some of the unexpected detail that is put in each piece. I'm glad you got to enjoy it more as you wore it.