28 December 2007

My Perfect Party Dress

If I were going to a New Year’s Eve party (which I’m not) and if I had $200 to burn (which I don’t) this is the dress in which I would get embarrassingly drunk and stumble around (which I would never do! ;)

Spring Inspirations from Balenciaga

To be honest, I haven't really given Spring fashions any thought up until this point. Today we received our new Spring Balenciaga Look Book at work. Oh my! I'm loving the bold prints, the ethnic head wraps, the 60's shift dress silhouettes. Obviously I won't have any real Balenciagas hanging in my closet but I think the point of looking at photos like these is to simply walk away with some inspiration and make it your own with things you can afford. You could easily find an ethnic print scarf at a thrift store or flea market, throw it on with a flower print dress and some wedge sandals and viola! You're there! Click on each picture to view a larger version.

27 December 2007

New at Sally Jane Vintage

Another exciting week of vintage fashions going in the store. Cute mod dresses, more plaid jumpers, hot 80's dress and shoes! Be sure to check it out. Thanks as always for stopping by!

26 December 2007

Fashion No's

Everyone has their own set of fashion rules, their own standards of what is acceptable and unacceptable fashion-wise. Things they love, things they want to try but aren’t sure how to, and perhaps most importantly things they would never-ever wear. It seems like I’m always blogging about the things I love so I thought it would be fun to look at the things I would never-ever do. For instance, I would never-ever wear a pair of Uggs. OK, I admit out of pure curiosity I once stuck my foot into an Ugg. Once! And I’ll admit it was probably the warmest and coziest my foot has ever been. It was still not enough to convince me to wear them in public. Here are a few more things on my never-ever list:

Just Plain Ugly

There are some things that I just cannot bring myself to wear in public because they have been deemed just plain ugly.

Glitter on clothes, glitter on shoes, glitter on the body = tacky, tackier and tackiest. OK, there was that one time at a party where I may have tried some body glitter. But it was just that once and everyone was doing it! I swear I won't let it happen again!

Gaucho/stirrup pants
Do I really need to explain to you that the saggy crotch diaper look is just not attractive? And while I understand the practicality of wearing stirrup pants with boot so the legs don't ride up, there is just no excuse for the stirrups with heels look. The only pass on this one is if you are actually riding a horse.

I just don't like open backed shoes. I don't know what it is about them, but you'll never catch me in a mule or a clog or a sling-back. I guess sandals are the exception to the rule, but even then only if they are flat and it's still a rarity. And don't even get me started on wearing Crocs in public!

Never Go Back

There are a few things that fall into this list not because I think they are unwearable, but because I’ve already worn them - in the 80’s, the first time around. I know fashion is cyclical and all things eventually come back into style but I also think one of the hard and fast rules of fashion is that you should not revisit styles you wore the first time around. I’ll leave the new 80’s inspired fashions to the youngsters.

Bubble Hems
Certainly not the worst offender on the list, bubble hems can be cute in moderation. However, I distinctly remember the bubble hem skirt I was sporting in the 7th grade while wearing my walkman and listening to my Madonna "True Blue" cassette.

Jelly Anything
Shoes, bracelets, whatever - they're just a big fat no for me. They can work on younger girls, certainly, but since I can still picture the arm full of jelly bracelets (they were black with neon splatter paint!) I proudly wore while listening to the aforementioned Madonna cassette they are automatically disqualified.

Acid Wash
Again, not the worst thing in the world. I've seen photos of Scandinavian hipsters pulling them off with aplomb. It just comes back to that "never go back" rule. Of course mine had a drop yoke waist with pleats in the front and I tight rolled the legs at the bottom. And no, there are no pictures!

Too Damn Hip

I think one of the best rules to looking effortlessly chic is never looking like you’re trying to hard. To me, these things scream "Hey look at me!Look at me!"

The Head Band
Nothing screams look at me like the hipster headband. It is a completely excessive display of hipness. Hip-overdrive if you will.

I'm holding American Apparel solely responsible for this one. Sometimes I walk into that store and I'm practically blinded by the glow of greasy hipsters in shiny lamé. It doesn't matter in what form it comes. Skirt, dress, tights, jacket - it's all just too much!

This is a tough one. I'm oddly attracted to both of the pieces pictured here and yet I know I would never actually walk out of the house wearing them. They're just too loud. I'm more of a subtle kind of girl.

So - what are your fashion no-no's? What would you never be caught dead in?

21 December 2007

Four Questions...

Imagine my delight when I was tagged by the always inspiring Liebemarlene with this meme that's been making the blogging rounds. So with no further delay, here's a little more about me...

1. What’s the story behind the name of your blog and your nickname?

The name Sally Jane comes from a childhood nickname. My Dad called me nothing but Sally Jane for years when I was young. As a kid, I always had my nose in a book and would read anything I could get my hands on including the old primary school readers stacked on the shelves at my grandparent’s house. You know the ones – all about Sally, Dick and Jane. “Run, Sally, run! See Sally run!” Like I said, I’d read just about anything. I suppose I was lucky no one was calling me Dick. As for the “vintage” part, I’ve always had an affinity for all things vintage: clothes, shoes, books, housewares, linens, you name it.

2. Why did you start blogging in the first place?

I started this blog at the same time I started my online store. It began as a way for me to spread the word about my store and as a way to track my progress in my mission to start my own business. Little did I know when I began blogging there is a whole world of like-minded bloggers out there - a virtual subculture if you will. It has been a very pleasant surprise to find so much support and encouragement from other female fashion bloggers. It also serves as a platform to expand on the posts I was doing in the Wardrobe Remix Flickr group. I enjoyed getting peeks into other people’s closets and thought it was fun to join in.

3. What has been your best blogging related experience? What about the worst?

The best part about blogging has been “meeting” other bloggers from around the world. It truly amazes me that I can post a photo from my desk in LA and someone in São Paulo or Olso or London can see it within seconds. I’ve been fortunate so far to have only positive experiences. I know there are people out there that like to post rude comments or say derogatory things, but so far I’ve been able to avoid that.

4. What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?

I’m going to have lots of changes in my life beginning in 2008 (more on that later) so it will be interesting to see where it all goes. Right now, with the limited time I have, I’ve been mostly posting photos. I would like to be able to write more and include more original content. Certainly there will be many more posts about the store as I work to expand it as well as more thrifting adventures and glimpses into my closet.

20 December 2007

What I'm Wearing 12-20

dress: vintage (little girl's dress)
turtleneck: Delias
leggings: Urban Outfitters
boots: vintage

With all the rain we've been having it's been difficult to take any Wardrobe Remix photos. Today I escaped work for a few minutes to the library to snap these shots. This little dress is one of the jumpers I picked up over the weekend at a vintage sale. I'm putting the rest up in the store but this one might get stuck in my closet for at least a little while.

New at Sally Jane Vintage

I'm so excited to bring you this week's auctions. I think it might be the best batch yet. I really hit the "little plaid jumper" jackpot at a recent vintage sale. I've also found some of the best 80's sweaters and party dresses ever! Oh, and last but not least some amazing 60's mod dresses. Be sure to check it out this week and there's more to come soon. Thanks as always for dropping by!