28 March 2013

Etsy Update: Spring Dresses


A rack full of pretty spring dresses!  Freshly added to the Etsy shop and available now...

27 March 2013

Mad Men Season 6


Are you ready?  It's almost time for a new season of Mad Men.  The two hour premiere is April 7th.  Isn't it strange to see how much the style has already changed as we move into the late 60s?  A few thing to note:  Megan's hair is kind of crazy, Betty is skinny again, Ginsberg and Stan are still around (check out the beard on Stan) and so is Peggy, although she seems to be on her own.  Can't wait!


26 March 2013



Even though it's still snowing here, I have summer on the mind.  And nothing says summer more than a pair of strappy sandals.  I'm sooo ready to get my feet out of boots!  Last summer I could never make up my mind about which pair of sandals to buy, so I never bought a pair.  Wouldn't it by nice if I could get my hands (er, feet) on a pair of these handmade sandals by Sandalwitch.   If you're in or around San Francisco you can sign up to take a class from the talented sandal-maker.  Oh, to be back in California!


25 March 2013

A Night With Nick Cave


Last week Tom and I headed to the Keswick Theater to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.  I put on my loudest vintage dress (the print is eerily similar to the one in the new Secret South collection) and the highest heels I own.  We don't go out very often so live it up, right?!  The show was, of course, amazing.  We saw him once before in NYC so I had an idea of what to expect.  Imagine going to a southern revival where the preacher is drunk, perverted and possessed.  In other words, it was pretty amazing!  If you have the chance to see him live, definitely check it out!


19 March 2013

Orla Kiely Fall 2013


It hardly seems right to be posting a fall collection with the official start of spring right around the corner.  But since there's about an inch of snow falling right now, I think I'll make an exception.  Also, any collection inspired by Margot Tenenbaum is bound to catch my eye. Bouffant 60s hair?  Yes, please!


14 March 2013

Etsy Update: Pastel Blouses


Perfectly pretty blouses for the coming spring.  All available now in the Etsy shop...

Etsy Update: Spring Skirts


I'm so ready for spring!  Aren't you?  I just loaded the Etsy shop with lots of spring-worth pieces...

13 March 2013

Ilana Kohn S/S 2013


I don't know why I've always shied from wearing a lot of prints.  But I have.  And I'm trying to change that habit.  Ilana Kohn's spring collection would make that easy!  I love the graphic quality of her prints.  I'm drawn to the grey and black prints, of course, but I think I would even try the pastel hued geometric print dress. 


12 March 2013

The Chick and The Duck


Over the weekend Tom and I experienced a bit of cute overload.  We were visiting friends who just happen to be transferring a dozen chicks and four adorable ducklings to their new enclosures.  They were outgrowing their old accommodations and the spring-like day we were having was the perfect opportunity for the little ones to explore their new homes.  Baby chicks are awfully cute, but man, I've gotta give it up for the baby ducks in the cuteness department.  I wanted to take them all home with me.  Of course, that would not have gone over well with the cats.  For helping with the transfer, we got the honor of naming two of the ducklings.  The little yellow one with the pink bill is named... Pink!  So of course the other one (on the far left) is Floyd. 

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07 March 2013

Etsy Update: Black & Blue


The first hints of spring have been added to the Etsy shop.  These and more are now available...


Etsy Update: Sets of Two


Lovely separates have been added to the Etsy shop.  Perfect worn together or apart!

05 March 2013

Sessùn Spring 2013


Here is a lovely collection of pastel washed images of the spring collection from Sessùn.  So many wonderful prints and textures!  We're expecting several inches of snow to fall tonight so it's a bit of a fantasy to be looking at shorts and sundresses right now.  A girl can dream, right?


03 March 2013

Marissa Nadler

I am completely mesmerized by the movement in this Marissa Nadler video.  

01 March 2013

Etsy Update: Jackets & Capes


And last but not least, a collection of jackets and capes has been added to the Etsy shop...

Etsy Update: Sweaters


And a batch of cozy sweaters have just been added to the Etsy shop as well...

Etsy Update: Skirts


I've just added lots of pretty skirts to the Etsy shop...