27 November 2012

We Have Always Lived in the Castle


Although we technically have a few more weeks of fall left on the calender, the weather officially turned to winter this morning when we awoke to an ever-growing layer of snow.  While I'm surprising OK with this, I'm also still enjoying this moody fall lookbook from Need Supply Co.  That site continues to be one of my favorite places to virtual window shop.  They always have something that tempts me to hit the "buy" button.


26 November 2012

Wren Resort


If I had a fancy holiday party to go to this year (which I don't think I do), I'd definitely consider donning one of the little party dresses from Wren's Resort collection.  Somehow the collection is making me like things I usually wouldn't;  like gold metallic and pink floral shininess, navy to-the-ankle lace and even the neon yellow paired with navy (or on its own) is somehow working for me. 


23 November 2012

L'ecole des femmes


Far away lived a girl from a French town of Deauville.  She loved poetry, paper, Earl Grey tea and the sweetness of the rain.  But something happened to her when she left her apartment... (read the rest)


21 November 2012

Etsy Update: Winter Coats

Etsy Update: Cozy Knits

Etsy Update: Skirts



I'm sure I've probably mentioned this fact somewhere here before, but I am not much of a jewelry wearer.  I've been wearing the same pair of little gold hoop Jennifer Meyer earrings for about ten years.  I never take them out and honestly forget that I'm even wearing them most of the time.  I'll don an occasional necklace or bracelet but that's about it.  Lately my necklace of choice has been the Watchful Eye necklace from Datter Industries. I love how dainty the pieces are without being cutesy.  That's a tough thing to balance.


18 November 2012

Moroccan Kilim Boots


I'm not sure where it came from since it's sort out outside my normal range of what I wear, but I've been newly obsessed with finding the perfect pair of Moroccan style kilim boots.  I've been living in a pair of black skinny jeans and a denim shirt and while I have no desire to wear much of anything else these day, I think a pair of these boots would make that combination a little less boring. 

It's difficult since the very nature of the boots makes them one of a kind and I'm scare to order a pair not knowing exactly what I'll get.  If the thought had dawned on me sooner, I could have visited the Kiboots store when we were in Amsterdam.  Instead, I've been stalking Bohemia site in hopes of snagging a pair of the Oujda style in my size.


05 November 2012

Masscob Fall 2012

masscob A

Somehow when I was going in search of fall inspiration I completely forgot to check out the Masscob collection.  It's better late than never, even though it's already feeling more like winter around here.  The looks are pretty simple, which is right up my alley these days.  And as always, in my favorite colors (or non-colors) of grey, tan and navy. 

masscob B

02 November 2012

The Dust Bowl

dust bowl

I'm really looking forward to nerding out in front of the television on November 18th and 19th to catch the Ken Burns documentary on The Dust Bowl on PBS.  That era has always fascinated me;  from Dorothea Lange and her fellow FSA photographers to the writing of John Steinbeck.  I think it probably all started with reading The Grapes of Wrath in high school.  If this documentary is half as good as the one on The Civil War, we're in for a real treat. 

dust bowl2

01 November 2012