24 July 2013

Etsy Update: Lots of Dresses!

I've just added lots of pretty dress to the shop.  They date from the 40s to the 60s and there are a few that I'm tempted to snag for myself!  They are all available in the Etsy shop now...

Summer Outfits Wishlist



22 July 2013

The Black Belt Project

(Photos taken by Tom and me.  Although not an exact reflection of the work we're aiming to document in the Black Belt, here's a sampling of images taken in Alabama in the past.)

The closer we get to our trip to Alabama, the more excited we are getting!  Our Kickstarter project has only 8 days left and we're so very appreciative of all the support we've received.  We have backers for our project from Norway to Australia and scattered all across the United States!  We've been busy sorting out the details of the trip; studying the Alabama atlas, reaching out to local folk artists for tips on places to visit, researching the history of the area and makings lists of things to pack (lots of sunscreen and insect repellant).  

While we plan on making the trip on our own even if the Kickstarter project goal is not met, we are crossing our fingers that we're able to share our adventure with as many people as possible!  The funds from the Kickstarter project will be used to publish a record of our time spent exploring the Black Belt aimed at delivering a balance of historic, cultural, and contemporary influences from the region that put the Belt's vast diversity on full display. 

If you'd like to follow along on our journey, please be sure to check out the details via our Kickstarter page.  There are various levels of support available and each one carries with it a variety of rewards.  Every little bit helps!  Tom and I thank you again for your support, not only for this project, but for all or your support over six years (!) of blogging, photographing and exploring! 


15 July 2013

Etsy: Summer Dresses


It's really hot and steamy this week!  It's that time of year that all I want to wear is a dress and a pair of sandals.  There are lots of pretty dresses available in the Etsy shop.  Here are a few of my favorites! 

11 July 2013


Arizona Muse by Tom Craig for Vogue Russia May 2013.

I'm not usually one for keeping tabs on the editorial spreads in major glossy magazines. In fact, I rarely flip through one at all unless I'm on an airplane.  I never board an airplane without an armload of guilty pleasure magazines!  But this one featuring Arizona Muse in Vogue Russia hits just the right notes for me;  good clothes, simple styling and a location that has me wanted to pack my bags for vacation right away.


09 July 2013



The story of Raquelle begins, "The Raquelle collection was born on a breezy, sunny, summer morning."  This seems terribly appropriate since the clothes are begging to be worn on just such a day.  The line was created in 2008, almost by accident after a stranger offered to order three dresses like the one the designer was wearing and had designed for herself.  

I have Alabama in August on my mind every day  right now as we prepare for our trip and have a packing list that reads something like this:  breezy dresses, loose blouses, comfortable shorts.  It would be nice if something from this collection would find its way into my suitcase. 


08 July 2013

Young Frankk


These summery images from Young Frankk's lookbook make me want to pack up and head to the boardwalk.  It's been legitimately hot and humid this week and a cool ocean breeze would be a nice relief.  I know I'm supposed to be looking at the jewelry in these shots (and I am), but what I really end up wanting  are the loose, breezy outfits. 


03 July 2013

Etsy Update: Summer


Lots of summer favorites have just been added to the Etsy shop.  I want to pack up all of these finds and head straight for the beach!  All available now...

Wren x Minnetonka

I'm never quite sure if I want to buy a pair of Minnetonkas or not.  They seem so comfortable and easy to wear, but for one reason or another, I've never pulled the trigger on buying a pair.  Now that they've teamed up with Wren for a special collection, I may have to take another look. 

01 July 2013

Kickstarter: The Black Belt of Alabama

OK, here we go... remember last week when I mentioned Tom and I spent a day in NYC and visited the Kickstarter offices?  Well, this is what we were working on; a book project for our next road trip through Alabama!  As you probably already know, I'm a born and raised 'Bama girl.  I've since lived in California and now Pennsylvania, but a large part of my heart will always reside in that southern state.  

If you'd like to check out more details, you can read all about it on the Kickstarter project page.   Our plans are to spend about 10 days driving through the Black Belt region of Alabama (the region encompasses the central counties of the state, from east to west).  We'll stop along the way at any spot that catches our interest, photographing whatever landscapes, structures or people we discover.  We're excited to see where this adventure takes us!

Above you can see the video we posted telling you a little more about the project (why is it so hard to watch oneself in motion?  I swear I don't sound like that - but I guess I do).  And on the project page, you can read about the rewards we're offering;  everything from a digital PDF of the book, to signed & numbered printed copies, postcards, giclée prints and loads more!  

If you're interested in pitching in or just following along, I'll be posting updates here as we get ready for our road trip.  Thank you so much for checking this out and for all of your support!