30 June 2008

What I'm Wearing

cutoffs: vintage Levi's (Salvation Army)
tank top: J. Perse
vest: vintage (Slow on Melrose, LA, CA)
boots: vintage (Salvation Army)
purse: vintage (Salvation Army)

A cooler summer evening with rain in the skies calls for summer time boots. Maybe I'm delusional but these seem to not get as hot as wearing black boots.

28 June 2008

Under The Big Top

Lately, I've really been inspired by the romanticized circus fashion editorials I've seen popping up in magazines. The latest issue of NEET Magazine featured one of my favorites. Shot by Courtney Brooke (another huge inspiration for me), it features girls romping through a magical setting of big tops, dressed as the high wire artist, bareback riders and trapeze artists that would have been featured in circuses past.

Judging by Topshop's preview of their upcoming fall line, I think they got the circus memo (or, perhaps, at least the Miu Miu memo). Whether you fancy the ring master, the daring high wire artist or the slapstick clown, there's something for everyone in the collection.

27 June 2008

What I'm Wearing

photos by Tom b.

dress: Topshop
socks: ???
shoes: vintage (via Ebay)
purse: vintage (America's Thrift)
sunglasses: vintage Raybans (Salvation Army)
flower clip: H&M

I'm sort of addicted to having this flower clip in my hair. They would be so super easy to make. I must put a trip to the craft store on my list of things to do.


During the day it is typical for me to be typing away on my laptop as my boyfriend is sitting at his desk typing away on his Mac. A few weeks ago as I was walking through the room, I spied the fabulous Debbie Harry staring back at me from his screen. Since she's one of my all time favorite fashion icons, I was excited to learn he was working on the design for the Parallel Lines Deluxe Collector's Edition package (see more designs here). Check out some of the final product below. Don't you love the shot where she's pinning her dress shorter for the photo shoot? The CD is available now for all of you Blondie fans out there.

26 June 2008

My New Toy

As I was making my last round through the thrift store yesterday, scoping out any little treasure that may have escaped my eye, I spotted this gem buried on a shelf underneath a pile of discarded knick-knacks. A Smena 8M! The word “Smena” literally means “Young Generation” in English – an apt name for a line of cameras produced by the esteemed LOMO factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. Introduced in 1952, it was designed to make photography affordable and convenient to the hardworking young Soviets at the time. I've already loaded it with film and plan on snapping away this weekend. I'm pretty addicted to digital photography at this point so it will be an interesting experiment to see what it produces. I mean, the thought of taking a photo and then having to wait days before I actually see it seems so... archaic. I know, I know! Technology has us all so spoiled.

On a side note, if you are interested in a camera like this you should check out the Lomography site. They offer all sorts of refurbished vintage cameras like the Smena 8M, the Diana and the Lomo LCA.

Today at Sally Jane Vintage

Here's a look at just a few of the goodies that are now for sale in the store. If you missed out on that embroidered cream mod dress the first time around, now's your chance (thanks to a non-paying bidder). Be sure to stop by and check it all out. Thanks so much!!

25 June 2008

What I'm Wearing

dress: vintage
sandals: vintage
sunhat: Fairfax Flea Market
sunglasses: vintage

My ginormous sunhat was bought at the Fairfax Flea Market last year as part of a 70's costume for a theme party. I never thought it would come in so handy but the sun has been relentless in its pursuit to burn my shoulders.

24 June 2008

Four Ways - Sheer Bow Blouse

I know, I know! It's been far too long since I've done one of my Four Ways posts. Forgive me! ;) Several of you have been asking about them so I thought it was due time to bring them back. For those of you new to the blog, this is where I take one piece from my closet and show four possible ways to style it. Simple as that! Today we tackle a great new basic - the sheer bow blouse. I've seen them popping up all over the place - from street style sites to fashion blogs. It's a really versatile piece for anyone to have in their closet. This one happens to come from H&M.

  • First, I styled the blouse with a pair of military style denim shorts and a boyish vest. Then, to counter a bit of that boyishness I added a fun pair of printed tights.
  • Next, for a more sophisticated look, I mixed the blouse with a high waisted taffeta skirt and a pair of fun tights and high, high heels. I would loved to have topped the look off with some sort of feathery hat or hair comb, but that's one thing that's missing from my closet. Mental note: must remedy that soon.
  • Then for a more casual look the blouse gets paired with high waisted jeans and skinny suspenders (or braces, if you wish). Complete the outfit with a classic straw fedora and your favorite pair of brogues.
  • Lastly, for a girly, romantic feel layer a floral print dress over the blouse. For a little more frill, let a lacy slip hang out from the bottom hem and stick a flower in your hair.

**Thank you to reader Market Publique for reminding me that I forgot to mention one of the most important parts! When you wear a sheer blouse, of course you need to wear something under it. A lot of people make the mistake of always wearing white under something sheer (like a white bra under a white tee shirt). But really the best thing to wear is something that closely matches your skin tone. That way it just blends right in! I'm wearing a simple "nude" colored tank with a built in bra from Old Navy.

The Traveling Shirt

I was really thrilled when Beth of The Vintage Society asked me to participate in her "Traveling Shirt" project. The idea is that one shirt travels all over the world, stopping with bloggers and Wardrobe Remixers. Each girl gets a chance to wear the shirt, styling it any way she likes. This past weekend the results were displayed in Los Angeles as part of Beth's SiteLA project. Here's what I came up with. I liked the nautical feel of the stripes on the shirt so I ended up wearing it with a pair military inspired shorts. To see all the fantastic ensembles that the other girls came up with, make sure to drop by The Vintage Society!

Thank you to Christine for the photo!