28 February 2011

Lazy Weekend


- Twinkling Today Dress courtesy of Modcloth
- H&M trench coat
- UO boots
- vintage wool beret
- vintage Coach purse

Before anything else I'd like to apologize to everyone who received a spam email from my email address last week. It seems that my email account was hacked and everyone in my address list received some crazy Canadian prescription drug email. So sorry! I've taken steps to make sure it won't happen again and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works.

Now on to better things... this was a pretty laid back weekend around here. Tom spent most of the weekend at the college working on a project which left me plenty of time to sleep in and thrift shop. My favorite weekend activities! We capped it all off by going out for Thai food and then crashing on the couch to watch the Oscars.

Oh, and since I always talk about the weather... it was sunny and I went outside with bare legs. Yay! Now it's raining and I'm spending the next two days working on the big spring update for the shop this week. I'm super excited about finally getting back to doing weekly shop updates!


25 February 2011

Photography: Marianne Breslauer


I stumbled upon Marianne Breslauer's photographs by accident when I was searching for some else entirely (I can't even remember what). I was fascinated by her portraits of 30s era women with their short hair and boyish clothes. I did a quick search and learned that she briefly studied photography under Man Ray before pursuing her own path as a photographic reporter. She eventually left her native Germany after being asked to publish her photographs under a pseudonym to hide the fact that she was Jewish.

In a strange, seven-degrees-of-separation sort of twist, I also learned that she traveled with and often photographed Annemarie Schwarzenbach. Annemarie was at one time an object of affection for Carson McCullers. McCullers even dedicated a book to her, Reflections in a Golden Eye. One of my goals for the year was to read more, and McCullers is an author that I included on that list. It's a small world! (sorry for getting that song stuck in your head)


23 February 2011

An Army of Me


Here's a little sneak peek at the new Etsy shop look I was working on yesterday. What do you think? Feedback is welcome! A lot of you said you liked seeing the clothes on a real person and I did too. Of course, this real person wasn't supposed to be me! Unfortunately the weather had other plans so for now we'll have to make do with me and my unwashed hair. I have to say it's a little strange to be looking at so many of me at one time! Ha, ha. I think I'll use the "real people" shots for the blog updates and include them in the Etsy listings, but I'm also going to shoot each piece on the dress form as well. I like the simplicity of those shots so I think a combination of the two is best. Oh, and if you see something you like here, I'll be adding all of these pieces to the shop next week!

22 February 2011

Wishing I Was There...

Via Rag Pony... Photographer: Chelsea Jade Metcalf, Styling: Emma Gleason, Model: Gina Morissey

Today I had big plans of shooting spring pieces with a couple of friends modeling but our plans were hampered by... more snow! Everyone was snowed in so the day didn't quite go as hoped. I did, however, get quite a bit of work done and I think I've got the new look for the Etsy updates down pat. I'm sure I'll tweak it a bit as I go but I'm pretty happy with what I ended up with today. I'll reveal it on the blog soon!

While I was working away in my office, I was secretly dreaming about being somewhere like this. Green grass, blue skies, little white dresses and bare legs. It looks just about perfect!


21 February 2011



When I saw a few Dahlia dresses on ASOS and loved every one of them, I knew I needed to investigate further. Sure enough, when I found the Dahlia Fashion website I was pretty much smitten with everything they're selling. They just seem like the perfect simple summer dresses that I'd wear over and over.


19 February 2011

Photography: The Justice & Police Museum


This week's photography spotlight comes from Australia's Justice & Police Museum. The museum is home to a vast negative archive documenting the early years of Sydney's unruly waterfront. I can't help but imagine the stories of these people's lives. There's something about their unflinching gazes that is so haunting.


18 February 2011

Mildred Pierce


Tom and I are in the middle of watching Treme on HBO and in between shows we see a lot of previews for other upcoming shows. The one that really keeps catching my eye is the preview for the Mildred Pierce miniseries starring Kate Winslet. Ms. Winslet is tops on my list of favorite actresses so I'm sure I'd watch it no matter what, but even if she wasn't in it, the costumes alone would be reason enough to watch.


17 February 2011

Spring Collections: Part II


I know you've probably already seen most if not all of these collections posted elsewhere but I like to archive them here for my own reference so you're going to be subjected to them once again. Just bear with me for another spring collection mega-post!

First up... a perennial favorite, APC. As always, it's simple French chic and full of pieces that will be in style pretty much forever.


Sessun's spring collection is full of pretty feminine pieces. I'm a fan of it all, but what I really want is that model's Jane Birkin-esque hair!

samantha pleet

Here are a few behind the scenes shots from the Samantha Pleet collection. I'm loving the little round sunglasses and that amazing polka dot bathing suit.

margaret howell b

Margaret Howell's spring collection is the perfect mix of girlishness and tomboy. It's making me excited to wear those penny loafers I found.

you must create

You Must Create's latest lookbooks seems more geared towards fall than spring to me. It's actually pretty nice for inspiration on those in-between winter and spring days we're having right now. Plus, I really love that it was inspired by WWII era teenagers.

juliette hogan

This collection from Juliette Hogan has been around for a while but it didn't really strike a cord with me at the time. But now that the weather is warming the lightweight dresses and floral prints seem just right.

my pet square

OK, so the next two collections are a bit of a cheat. Since they're both from designers Down Under, they're technically fall/winter collections. This My Pet Square collection has lots of perfect transitional pieces... lightweight capes, soft layers and bare legs. Once again loving the sheer socks with the brown shoes.

secret squirrel

The other fall/winter line that seems just as perfect for spring is the I'm Not Like Them collection from Secret Squirrel. Honestly I love this one so much I think it might have deserved its own post. I'm sure I'll be revisiting this one in the fall.


And last but not least, a little teaser from the inspiration board of Nadinoo. I'm really looking forward to seeing the spring collection!

16 February 2011

Hetterson: How to Wear


photos by Tom b.

- Hetterson sweater
- Fletcher for Lyell shorts
- H&M tights
- 80s ankle boots
- vintage felt hat & silk scarf
- vintage Coach bag

I was super excited to be asked to participate in Hannah's How to Wear series featuring her SS2011 Crenelle sweater. I've admired Hannah's designs ever since discovering her through Anja's blog (you can see Anja sporting this same sweater right here, btw). After Anja's turn, Stephanie styled it with the most amazing pair of thrifted jeans.

Now it's my turn! To be honest, I hadn't checked out the way the other gals styled it before I took my turn, so I think it's sort of funny that we've all paired it with high-waisted shorts or jeans so far. I loved it paired with these shorts but it would be equally as nice thrown over a dress for a nice comfy outfit. And I have to say, sometimes wool sweaters give me the major itchies but this one is so super soft I didn't even have to wear something under it. I was a bit sad to pack it up and send it off to the next gal!


14 February 2011

Let me see your beauty when the witnesses are gone...


photos by Tom b.

- 50s cotton plaid dress
- H&M sweater
- AA tights
- Swedish Hasbeens t-strap clogs
- vintage wool beret
- vintage coach purse
- listening to: The Civil Wars - Barton Hollow "Dance Me to the End of Love"


Oh, hi y'all! I feel like I haven't shown my face around these parts in quite a while. Sorry about that. I know everyone's tired of hearing about the weather... I'm tired of writing about it! The truth is, last year was my first full winter on the East Coast. I hadn't seen much snow in my life, and it was still a bit of a novelty to me. I felt like I was living in a snow globe and would secretly be a bit giddy every time more fell. Well, it didn't take long for the novelty to wear off and now I'm adjusting to the idea of living with cold and snow on a long term basis. I think my Southern roots are showing.


I also wanted to take a moment to say a huge thank you to everyone who purchased something from my shop last week. The sale was a definite success and I'll be a very busy bee sending out all of the packages this week. Now I have lots and lots of room to start breaking out the spring and summer pieces. Yay! I'm also talking to a couple of my girlfriends about playing mannequin for me in the future. Everyone seemed to love seeing the clothes on real people (I did too!) so hopefully we'll be seeing more of them soon.


11 February 2011

Little White Dresses

Francesca & Alix

I usually avoid white dresses like the plague since I'm bound to end up covered in dirt by the end of the day. These lacy ones are changing my mind. They seem so light and perfect for spring.

Topshop & Modcloth

10 February 2011

Winter Sale

Etsy Sale

I just spent the last couple of hours marking down over 100 items in the Etsy shop to less than $20! I've got to clear out some room in the shop for all of the pretty spring things I'm itching to add. Help me find new homes for some of these pieces. :) Hop on over to the Etsy shop and check out the SALE SALE SALE section.

09 February 2011

Treasure Dress


It's a good rule of thumb that drooling over pretty vintage clothes that are used in editorial shots is a no win situation. Being vintage, the clothes are pretty much one of a kind and will never end up in your possession. When I first spotted that sheer navy dress with those amazing sleeves and collar, my mind went into overdrive trying to figure out how I could hunt it down.

Well, turns out it was a lot easier than I thought! I discovered that it is for sale (and still is as I write this!) on Treasure Dress , a new vintage dress boutique operating out of the UK. The selection of dresses is really stunning. I'm in love with this one and this one.


08 February 2011

Playing Dress Up


Today was a very good day! But first, let me backtrack a little bit. Sunday afternoon was spent dragging bags and bags of spring and summer clothes from their winter hiding place in the attic. I didn't realize quite how much I had accumulated over the winter months. I was pulling things out of bags and thinking, "hmmm... I don't even remember buying this." At one point it looked like a clothing bomb had exploded in our bedroom. There were piles everywhere! By the end of the night I finally had everything organized. I'm so excited to start putting this stuff in the shop.

But first... back to today. With all those spring and summer clothes hanging around, it seemed like the perfect time for a little dress up party. I invited a few gal pals over, put on some music and broke out the mimosas. It was tons of silly fun and we're already trying to figure out when we can do it all again!

Everything you see here (plus lots and lots more) will be hitting the shop over the next few months. I really loved seeing the clothes on real girls rather than just the dress form. It's seriously making me think about switching over for the shop photos.


06 February 2011

Street Style


Loving a lot of the looks from Vanessa Jackman right now... and it's making me really excited for bare legs. ;)

04 February 2011

Etsy Update: Dresses


I've just added all of these pretty dresses to the Etsy shop! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!

Spring Fantasy Outfits

Untitled-1 (5)
Topshop dress & sunglasses, Modcloth cardigan, Swedish Hasbeen flats

In the interest of self preservation I have a strict no outfit photos rule on any day when the temperature doesn't rise above the freezing mark. It's 14 outside right now (that's -10 for you celcius folks) and I'm planted firmly on the couch in pajamas.

Staying indoors has left me with plenty of time to do some fantasy spring shopping. Most of these items are well out of my budget so I'll be scouring thrift stores for vintage alternatives. I'm really, really loving the new spring shoes from Swedish Hasbeens! Those perforated flats are seriously on my list.

Untitled-1 (4)
Chloe Sevigny for OC dress, Topshop straw hat, Modcloth necklace, Rachel Comey clogs

Untitled-1 (3)
Modcloth striped top, Topshop shorts & bag, Steven Alan loafers

Untitled-1 (2)
Steven Alan dress, UO straw hat, Swedish Hasbeens sandals, Topshop tote

Topshop blouse, Steven Alan skirt, UO hat, Rachel Comey clogs

03 February 2011

Etsy Update: Bright Sweaters


My mind maybe in stuck in spring but my body is still firmly planted in the middle of winter. These sweaters are the perfect thing to brighten up those last cold days of winter and transition into the first cool days of spring. I'll be adding all of them to the Etsy shop later tonight!

Thom. Dolan Spring 2011


A month or so ago I ran across a photos of a gal wearing a pretty vintagey cotton dress and a pair of penny loafers. It struck me as the perfect outfit for spring and I thought I saved it for future reference. Well, I guess I forgot to save it, or more likely, forgot where I put it when I did save it!

When I ran across these photos from Thom. Dolan's spring 2011 collection I was reminded of that lost photo. I love the prim vintage style dresses paired with the well-worn masculine shoes. I just thrifted a pair of Bass penny loafers that I'll surely be wearing with cotton dresses this summer.


02 February 2011

Etsy Update: Smilin' Gal Vintage


I'm working on adding all of these pretty pieces from Smilin' Gal Vintage to the Etsy shop. If you're looking for the perfect Valentine's Day dress, I think you might find one in this batch. That pink strapless number is such a sweet confection of a dress!

01 February 2011

Dear Creatures Spring 2011


Love, love, love this collection! It's no surprise, I guess. Dear Creatures' 60s inspired styles are always an easy favorite. I think the thing that I love most about DC is that it's a line that's so accessible. It's readily available online and not so expensive that it's completely out of my budget. So far I proudly have three Dear Creatures dresses hanging in my closet and I hope to add that adorable romper and the printed dress above to the collection.


Welcome February


- ASOS dress
- 60s wool coat
- H&M knit tights
- Jeffrey Campbell boots
- vintage wool beret
- vintage Coach station bag

I planned on taking outfit photos earlier today when I headed out to the post office with two armloads of Etsy packages. Unfortunately it was pouring freezing rain the entire time I walked to the car... I had to change into my snow boots! By the time I got back home, the rain had stopped but I was in no mood to head back out for photos. I told Tom I was going outside for the fastest photoshoot ever. He laughed when I came back into the house approximately three minutes later proclaiming myself done. Voila! Say hello to the front of my neighbor's house.