29 May 2013

Etsy Update: Summer Favorites


I've just updated the Etsy shop to look like the inside of my closet:  faded jeans, cream hued tops, pretty sundresses, super soft chambray, pastels stripes and floral prints. All my favorites! 

28 May 2013



I think my favorite online discovery of late has been the National Geographic Found Tumblr site.  Found is a curated collection of photographs from the Nat Geo archives that have rarely been seen in public.  Many of the photos have lost their original captions or location information so readers are encouraged to contribute if they have information pertaining to any of the photographs.  And if you're particularly fond of an image, prints are available for purchase. 


27 May 2013

Very Cheesy


Last week Tom was away on a photography assignment in Madison, Wisconsin for a couple of days.  Before he left, I jokingly told him to bring home some cheese!  Well, little did I know he would take that seriously and return with a bag full of artisan cheeses that he picked out from Fromagination.  We waited to unwrap and devour each one until we had some perfect weather last night for a backyard picnic.  Along with a bottle of wine and a bowl full of fresh strawberries we had Cave Aged Bandaged Cheddar, Foenegreek Gouda and Cranberry Chipotle Cheddar.  They were all amazing, but I think the Cave Aged  Cheddar was our favorite.  I don't know if either of us will end up back in Madison any time soon, but if we do, a trip to Fromagination is definitely on our list of places to visit.


21 May 2013


Photography by Anja Verdugo, Model Emily Love, Hair/Styling/Makeup by Megan Hart

Summer, indeed!  Apparently we've skipped spring and have gone straight to summer.  The air is thick and humid and it smells like thunderstorms are on their way. The lookbook from Portland based shop Summerland pretty much sums it up; days spent lounging on big porches and walking barefoot through flower gardens. 


14 May 2013

Rosapina Vintage Collection


Here are some very sweet photos featuring Ale of Rosapina Vintage and her new handmade vintage collection.  And speaking of sweet, the pieces were all designed by Ale and hand sewn by her mother, using fabric from her grandmother's archives!  That's one sweet collaboration.  Ale's been a blogger friend for about as long as I've been doing this so it's especially nice to see her accomplish such an undertaking.  Congratulations Ale and I hope we see more of this in the future!


10 May 2013

Etsy Update: The Nineties


The Etsy shop is freshly stocked with all things nineties!  Check it out here...

09 May 2013

Dream Collective


I'm still on my jewelry kick and have been enjoying wearing it more and more.  My new obsession is Dream Collective by Kathryn Bentley, especially the enameled pieces.  I feel like that evil eye cuff would give me some serious Super Woman powers!

06 May 2013

Desert Warrior

 Model: Marlene Avelino, Photography: Charise Marie, Art Direction/Styling: Sarah Radcliff

This lookbook from Yo Vintage has me craving warm days and cool nights spent in the desert.  It was shot on location in Phoenix, AZ - a city I have never visited.  But we have spent quite a bit of time in the California desert and plan to go back to Joshua Tree National Forest again next summer.  I love the planning stages of a vacation and have already started day dreaming about our trip. 


01 May 2013

Etsy Update: Easy Breezy


Lots of easy to wear cotton pieces just added to the shop;  from sundresses to denim jackets!  Check it out...