29 February 2012

The Sale is on Sale!

Etsy 1

Today I at hard at work going through the bags and bags of spring clothes that I've been hoarding away all winter long.  It's not really fair to say that it is hard work, since I really think it is so much fun.  I never remember everything I've bought and its like discovering each and every find over again.  Thanks so much for helping me make some room for all of the new goodies in the shop by giving so many of the sale items new homes!  I'm finally making some room on the clothing racks that hold all of the shop stock but there's more to go!  So... for the next week you can take an extra 20% off everything in the shop.  Even the sale items!  Just use the code WINTERSALE when you checkout. 

Etsy 2

28 February 2012

Dusen Dusen


After seeing last fall's collection from Dusen Dusen I was pretty determined to get my hands on a piece.  I really like the geometric prints paired with the simple silhouettes of the dresses.  Unfortunately all the ones I had my eye on were sold out in my size by the time they were marked down on sale.  Now I'm thinking it's just as well, since I see lots in the spring collection that I like too.  Doesn't everything look comfortable?  Fingers crossed I can score one this time around. 


27 February 2012

Weekend Update


 - vintage sweater
 - vintage skirt
 - Rachel Comey boots
 - Madewell fox necklace
 - listening to: my German lessons and not much else

This weekend Tom and I spent separately working on projects out of the house, him at the design school, me on things that had nothing to do with fashion or the blog.  We didn't see each other at all until Sunday afternoon when we finally both crashed exhausted on the couch.  We made a little buffet of snacks from the refrigerator since neither of us felt like cooking and watched the Oscars.  It was kind of long and boring but I always like looking at what people are wearing.  Michelle Willams and Emma Stone were favorites.  Now it's already Monday again and time to get back to work on the shop.  I'm sorting through  lots of spring stuff this week and will begin listing it soon!  Until then, there are still lots of winter pieces on sale in the shop.

Sponsor Sally Jane Vintage


Have you visited my February sponsors yet?  If not, now is a great time since February is a short month and March will be here before you know it!  This month my lovely sponsors include:

Iron Orchid Vintage:  An Etsy shop with a super wearable selection in a variety of eras and sizes.

Bait Footwear: A brand new shop offering lots of vintage inspired goodies for your feet.

Sugar Bridge Vintage:  A Brooklyn based Etsy shop offering pretty vintage clothes and accessories.

Shop Tsarevna: Pick up vintage and retro fashions from this Portland based Etsy shop.

If you're interested in joining this party, shoot me and email {at sallyjanevintage(at)yahoo.com}.  I still have spaces available for March!

25 February 2012

Traveling Basics

above APC, photos below from Totokaelo

I've been thinking a lot about our trip, even though it is still over two months away (if you've spotted the clock counting down in the sidebar, that's what it's for).  It will be my first trip to Europe so I'm pretty darn excited!  Tom has been several times on business so he'll make an excellent tour guide.  Although much of the time I spend daydreaming about all the sights we'll see and the food we'll eat and the adventures we'll have, I do spend a fair amount of time wondering about what I'll pack.  As I mentioned before, we're not checking any luggage and will each have to fit everything we're carrying into a backpack (these backpacks to be exact).  That means lots of comfortable basics, good shoes for walking, things I can mix-and-match and pieces that won't get all wrinkly after being stuffed into said backpacks.  What I have in mind looks a lot like the spring/summer offering from A.P.C.  I think I could mix-and-match my way through a two week trip with what you see here. 


23 February 2012

Long Overdue


 - Steven Alan dress
 - vintage Levis shirt
 - vintage leather riding boots
 - thrifted J. Crew felt hat

Hey y'all!  Did you think I'd disappeared from the blog forever?  Nah, I just needed a break from photo-taking for a while.  I thought it would be a week or two and that turned into, um, a month or two.  Well, now that the temperatures are beginning to rise (not that I think that's going to stick around for long) maybe I'll venture out to document more outfits.  So, this is what I'm looking like these days.  I'm addicted to this felt hat I found at the thrift store, I'm using my hot rollers every time I wash my hair (but I like my curls better on day two - this is day one) and I'm so happy to finally have bare legs!  Now you know.  :)

21 February 2012

End of Season ETSY SALE!

Etsy Sale a

I just marked down nearly the whole shop (almost 130 items) to make room for all of the spring pieces that I'm so excited to show you.  Please help me clean out the shop to make some room!  Almost everything has been reduced to under $20.  Remember I give discounts for combined shipping so feel free to take advantage. You can find everything in the SALE SALE SALE section.  Shop away!

Etsy Sale b

What's Been Keeping Me Busy...

  • Enjoying the illustrations of Kris Atomic. Especially the one above!  I relate to it a bit too much.  I hate it when strangers tell me to smile.  YOU smile! 
  • Studying German.  Learning a new language is one of those things that would be on my "bucket list" (if I had one).  With our trip coming up this spring, now seems like a good time to finally push myself to do it.  I'm using the Pimsleur method (just learning to speak and respond, not read or write) and so far I'm retaining more than I thought I would.  Hopefully I'll be able to hold a conversation while we're in Germany!
  • Playing with my new camera.  I decided to upgrade to a Canon Rebel EOS XS.  Now I just have to learn how to use it.  So far, so good!
  • Cooking with more fresh ingredients.  I've always loved to cook and I'm trying to use more and more fresh fruits and veggies every day.  Especially after I read an article that said dissolved human hair from China is used in some commercial breads.  Ugh.  Now I think I need to learn to bake bread. 
  • Looking forward to spring.  Our backyard is looking really barren and I can't wait to plant our vegetable garden again this year.  AND I'm getting really tired of wearing layers to leave the house.

15 February 2012

Jacques Esterel


I thought I would show you one more thing that found its way into my closet.  I came across this dress at the Salvation Army while I was searching for things for the Etsy shop.  I pulled from the rack a 60s mini dress and as soon as I saw that vintage tag I was in love.  The dress is made out of some of the softest suede I've ever felt in a wonderful chocolately brown.  I knew I loved the dress and that someone must have spent a pretty penny on it back in the day, but I didn't know anything about the designer so I did a little internet sleuthing.

A few fun facts about Jacques Esterel:
  • He was born Charles Martin in 1918. 
  • He was an entertainer as well as a designer and wrote plays and songs. 
  • He is perhaps best known for the pink gingham wedding dress he designed for Brigitte Bardot's 1959 wedding to Jacques Charrier. 
  • His company was involved in a legal dispute over trademark infringement with Yves Saint Laurent.  YSL lost the legal battle and had to pay an $11,000 fine and $1,100 for each item produced from the plagiarized design.

14 February 2012

Photography: Vintage Kisses

All photos from Flickr

I admit that when it comes to Valentine's Day, I'm a big Scrooge.  There's really nothing I like about the holiday at all. Well, I guess I like the fact that I can use it as an excuse to post these vintage photos.  These are some sweet and strange moments caught on film! So I won't say Happy Valentine's Day (I know, I sort of just did), but be sure to kiss the one you love today. 


13 February 2012

Spring Wishlist

Madewell dress, Steven Alan cardigan, Dieppa Restrpo shoes, Maya Brenner necklace, Karen Walker sunglasses

I finally feel like I can talk about our upcoming trip without jinxing it.  That's because my passport application went through and that little blue book is finally safely in my hands.  I had no real reason to think it would be denied, I was just paranoid since we booked nonrefundable tickets before I applied for my passport.  Probably not the best order in which to do things!  So, now that that not-so-little detail is taken care of I can finally say that we're going to Europe in May!  I'm so excited and this trip is occupying a lot of my day dreaming time these days.  Which means I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what I'll be packing.  Here's the challenge... we've decided since we'll be traveling quite a bit once we're over there, we want to pack as light as possible and that means not checking any bags on the flight over.  Fifteen days in Europe with only a backpack's worth of clothes presents a unique challenge for a clothes-loving gal like myself.  I know in the end practicality will win out, but in the meantime it doesn't hurt anyone to think about what I would like to pack if I had my own entourage to tote my luggage around for me.

First stop LONDON!  We'll be staying in Camden since Tom has visited London many times before and always loves staying in this neighborhood.  I can't even think of all the things I want to do while I'm there.  I keep having visions of Clark Griswold getting stuck in the round-a-bout... "Look kids, Big Ben!  Parliament!"

Steven Alan dress, Madewell tote, Karen Walker sunglasses, Le Botte Gardiane sandals

Next stop PARIS!  Again, I'm a bit overwhelmed at the thought of all the things I want to do while we're there.  I know there will be some touristy stops and some vintage shopping and lots of museums and beautiful outdoor spaces.  We literally rearranged out itinerary so we could make it to Les Puces de Saint-Ouen.  The thought of going to a Parisian flea market has me too excited for words.  

Tocca dress, Madewell flats, vintage purse, Madewell sunglasses

Next stop FREIBURG!  We'll be staying in Freiburg while we explore the Black Forest region of Germany.  Tom has distant relatives there that we'll be visiting so we hope to see lots of the local sites and not just touristy things.  There will also be a day trip to Heidelberg.  I've been studying and trying to learn a little bit of German to help us get around. Ich kann ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen!

Steven Alan dress,Toki Collection necklace, Madewell bag, Isabel Marant sandals

Next stop BRUGES!  OK, so have you seen the movie In Bruges?  Tom and I loved that movie so when it came time to pick a stop in Belgium our choice was pretty obvious.  I can't wait to take a boat ride through the canals of the Medieval city.  Oh, and the other things we're looking forward to... lots of chocolate and LOTS of Belgian beer. 

Edith A Miller shirt, vintage shorts, Topshop sandals, Tula  hat, Makr tote

Next stop AMSTERDAM! I'm imagining riding bicycles through fields of tulips but I might be reaching a bit with that one.  There will definitely be bicycles involved, that much I know.  Then there will be a long flight home and a week of sleep! 

09 February 2012

Fall/Winter Collections

photos courtesy of Erin @ Calivintage (please credit her upon reposting)

Even though it's time to be talking about the upcoming spring and summer seasons, it's a fashion fact that next fall's collections are debuting at this very moment.  I find myself to be a bit Steven Alan obsessed these days so I was excited to see all of Erin's behind the scenes photos of the new Steven Alan collection from her NYFW trip.  I can't wait to see the rest of the collection and more of the dresses since they are usually my favorite pieces. 


The other Fall/Winter collection making its debut is Secret Squirrel's Art Class.  Despite being a winter collection, so many of these pieces could be worn right now.  I've been attracted to a lot of geometric prints while out thrifting lately, so the triangle print is just perfect. 


08 February 2012

07 February 2012

New Old Things


It's been quite a while since I've done one of these posts!  There have been a few things that have slipped quietly into my closet over the past couple of months and here are my favorites.  Some were thrifted, some were traded and some were found at local vintage shops.  First there is a sweet 70s knit dress with pastel floral embroidery and pointelle details.  I'm always a sucker for these types of dresses and finally thrifted one in my size.  Then there's a 60s era cotton dress that needs a little TLC since some of the buttons are broken/missing but other than that is pretty much perfect.


I have a little collection of blazers but for some reason I hardly ever wear them.  I'm going to do my best to show this 1930s one a little daylight now and again.  It's quite lovely with its pointed collar and nearly-falling-apart silk lining.  As a matter of fact, seeing these photos side by side gives me an idea of exactly how to wear it... layered over this gauzy cotton blouse.  This piece is quite a mystery to me.  When I first spotted it I thought it was going to be a 70s bohemian style piece, but upon closer inspection there's nary a machine stitch in sight and all of the embroidery was lovingly done by hand.  There are little hand crocheted buttons that fasten up the back.  Now I think it's much older, perhaps 10s or 20s!


Last and certainly not least, this 30s era sailor dress.  Serious sailor perfection.  When I first spotted it, this dress was being tried on by another vintage loving lady at a local shop.  I stood and watch her turn in front of the mirror, looking this way and that, trying to decide if the dress should go home with her.  The whole time I was turning green with envy that she had found the dress only moments before I surely would have discovered it.  After stalking her around the store for a bit, I saw her take the dress to the check-out counter and tried to put it out of my mind.  It was her lucky day, not mine.  Then for some reason, she must have changed her mind at the last second and I wasted no time swooping right in and making it mine all mine!

06 February 2012

Penny Stock


I just discovered the spring collection from Penny Stock and it definitely has me pining for warmer days. The clothes are the definition of easy-to-wear.  Theses are my favorite looks from the collection.  I'm especially fond of all the nautical stripes, the high waisted jeans and the pretty sundresses. From a photography OCD standpoint, it's making me a little bit crazy that the model's feet are cut off in most of the photos.  Ha, ha.  I was unfamiliar with the line so I tried to find past collections but only found menswear.  Is this the first offering of women's clothing from Penny Stock?  I don't know.  I certainly hope it's not the last. 


01 February 2012

Tocca Spring 2012


I've gathered up all of the images I could find scattered around the internet that show Tocca's spring collection.  There's no sign of the collection on the Tocca site yet, although the winter collection is on sale for half off, if you had your eye on something.  The spring collection is what I've come to expect of Emma Fletcher's designs... pretty and feminine with lots of vintage inspired details. So of course, I love it.