31 October 2009

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween! Have a wonderful holiday weekend! :)

Dennisons Bogie Book

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"In Victorian times and throughout the first three decades of the 20th century, Halloween parties were immensely popular. Because these parties were targeted specifically toward adults, many of the earliest Halloween decorations employed frightening and highly complex imagery of devils, witches, skeletons and ghosts. In later years, as the holiday became increasingly geared toward children, Halloween imagery was toned down by manufacturers to appeal to a broader market and "cute" decorations gradually replaced the scary themes. The heyday of Halloween parties in the early 1900s gave birth to a commercial market for Halloween memorabilia. Dazzlingly designed candy containers, noisemakers and decorations were imported from Germany and eagerly purchased by American hostesses planning their annual parties.

Beginning in 1909 and continuing through 1934, Dennison Manufacturing Company of Framingham, Massachusetts entered the Halloween party niche with their colorful party supply catalogs, appropriately named Bogie Books. The 1909 Dennison's Bogie Book is the first and rarest issue, with only a handful of copies extant. The profusely illustrated pages introduced the hostess to party menus, game suggestions and innovative decorating ideas all made possible with paper products manufactured and sold by Dennison."

- from bookthink.com

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30 October 2009

I used to be a lot like you but now I'm only me I'm only me...*


photos by Tom b.

top: 30s sweater
skirt: vintage (shortened by me)
shoes: UO
hat: vintage wool beret
* listening to: Boy Sets Fire - After the Eulogy "Rookie"


29 October 2009

Swedish Hasbeens


Right now a pair of Swedish Hasbeens jodhpurs is on the top of my never-going-to-be-able-to-afford wishlist. They're running about $375 a pair (ouch!) on the UO site. But they're sooo lovely. All simple and utilitarian and stylish all at the same time. And the other boots are nothing to sniff at!

Come summer I'm sure I'll be just as smitten with their line of simple 70s inspired sandals. And their website is a charming as the shoes, doling out pieces of advise like "the shoes will last longer if you don't use them everyday, all of the time."

28 October 2009

I've been wandering around, making up movies in my head...*


sweater: thrifted men's
skirt: vintage
coat: vintage girl's duffle coat
shoes: vintage ankle boots
purse: vintage Coach bag
hat: vintage wool beret
* listening to: Circa Survive - Juturna "Meet Me In Montauk"

Looking back at the beginnings of this blog, I can't believe I stopped to take an outfit photo every single day. But, then again, that's when I was living in LA and going to a "real job" everyday so it was easier to stop along the way and snap a few photos. Now it seems I'm lucky to squeeze in only one or two outfits a week - something I'm going to try to get better about going forward.

Here's an example of a "casual day" outfit that I normally wouldn't stop to take photos in. I was inspired by the APC collections and wanted to do something sort of classic all-American (which, I know is a bit ironic since APC is French). The duffle coat was in a pile of to-be-sold items but I think I'll be selfishly hanging onto it for myself for now.


27 October 2009

Sneak Peek for the Etsy Boutique

Here's a little sneak peek at the items I'll be working on for today's update in the shop; the perfect hand knitted Nordic sweater, a trio of lovely box pleated skirts, a handful of pretty dresses, vintage winter coats for the upcoming cold weather and a three piece wool tweed set.

Thanks so much for stoppin' by! :)


26 October 2009

APC Winter


More looks to admire from APC. This time from their winter collection. There's not much more to say here, as they impress me each and every time they have new looks come out. I'm officially convinced that I need to start incorporating a pair of flat ankle boots into my wardrobe. I also really love the plaid shorts (winter shorts are definitely on my wishlist) and the boxy sweater with the skirt.


25 October 2009

One cold damp evening the world stood still...*


photos by Tom b.

dress: Fletcher by Lyell
tights: thrifted
shoes: UO
hat: vintage wool beret
purse: vintage Bond Street bag
*listening to: The Chameleons - Script Of The Bridge "Second Skin"

Tonight Tom and I went on an honest to goodness date. I can't even remember the last time we did that. Since before we bought the house, for sure. We went to a Hershey Bears hockey game, ate bad pizza and nachos, cheered for every power play and never once discussed paint colors or door knobs or what we need to buy on our next trip to Lowes. Then we came home to eat cookies and milk while we crashed on the couch to watch Mad Men. Perfection.


24 October 2009


I'm completely incompetent when it comes to trolling sites like The Fashion Spot and where ever else one might go to look for scans of fashion editorials from around the world. I honestly have no idea how those threads work and can't for the life of me figure out how to search for something specific among the sites. That little snag results in very few editorials reposted here on my blog, which is fine with me since I rarely see ones that resonate with me anyway. But when I saw this one posted on Lungfuls (a wonderful blog I discovered from Anja), I was instantly smitten. I love all the hats! And the woolly layers, and the sort of Edwardian feel to the looks and the fact that the girls are all in comfy boots rather than crazy high heels. I'm also really loving the collaging on the photos which is giving me all sorts of ideas for my own photos.





P.S. I'm not sure what magazine these were original published in... something Italian? If you know, pass it along and I'll credit them. Thanks!

23 October 2009

An Education

Whenever new movies come out, I tend to put them in one of two categories; movies to see in the theater and movies to put on my Netflix list. I remember reading a review of An Education recently (in Rolling Stone maybe?) and thinking it would fall into the Netflix column. It sounded like a film I'd want to check out, but nothing I was in a hurry to see or that would be impressive on the big screen. After seeing these still shots from the movie, I'm reconsidering.




22 October 2009

There's a sound then it fades, turn it down make it stay...*


photos by Tom b.

dress: Anthropologie
shoes: vintage
purse: vintage John Romain
hat: vintage wool beret
*listening to: Ours - Precious "Realize"


21 October 2009

Etsy Update

Lots of new pieces going into the Etsy shop today! Thanks so much for stoppin' by!


20 October 2009

A Reason To Go To New York

Gigi Gaston was the prototypical 60s French pop star. Her life was full of the dramas which seem to plague only the rich and famous; her Gypsy family’s escape from Bulgaria, an affair with her stepbrother, her rise and fall up the pop charts, a marriage that ended in infidelity and murder.


In 1974 Normal Mailer wrote, “Could this Black Flower with a voice like Piaf have guessed that when she bloomed into a teenage singing idol for post-war European youth, and later became the Continental fashion icon and sexy French pin-up girl on the bedroom walls of the hippest kids, that the future would strangle her dreams of normalcy, like the protagonists in one her romantically fatalistic songs? No, of course not. Because the characters of Greek tragedies are always the last to know their fates.”


The only problem? She never existed! She's the brainchild of artist Josh Gosfield who invented her entire existence. The ephemera, the stories, the persona... all fictional.

Genius, no?

*Gigi Gaston: The Black Flower will be on view October 22nd through November 25th, 2009. Steven Kasher Gallery is located at 521 W. 23rd St., New York, NY 10011.Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11 to 6pm.

19 October 2009

And take what you will tonight, I'll give it as fast...*


jacket: H&M
sweater: vintage
shorts: 60s wool shorts
tights: thrifted
shoes: 60s mary-janes
hat: vintage wool beret
* Iron and Wine - Our Endless Numbered Days "Cinder and Smoke"


18 October 2009

Sally Scott


After discovering these photos from Sally Scott on Left Hand Endeavor, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist reposting them here. Not only are the clothes adorable, reminding me a bit of Orla Kiely (which is a very good thing), but the click-and-come-to-life photos on the site are oh-so-charming. They're sort of like looking at a Harry Potter photo album. Seeing each piece in motion only makes them more tempting.


17 October 2009

Dream Costume


Dear Halloween Fairy,

I can't even begin to tell you how long I've been searching for the perfect vintage majorette uniform. Yes, I know that is completely random, but it's true. I even have an email notification for every time some one lists "vintage majorette" on Ebay but have my heart broken every time because they're never quite perfect.

Long story short, it's been a long week and it would do wonders to wake up and find this under my pillow. Or under my tree? Or where ever you leave things? K? Thanks a million.


16 October 2009

Etsy Boutique Update

Whew! It's getting there! Lots of new pieces from the fall collection have now been listed in the Etsy Boutique and there are still more to come. Shop to your heart's content! There will be regular Tuesday updates from here on. Promise!

Also, would you check out those new graphics?! Pretty nifty, huh? This is what happens when you have a talented boyfriend. Thanks boyfriend!

Sorry for the overuse of exclamation points here. It's been a long week! ;)


15 October 2009

The Grunge Revival

photos from Teen Vogue

A few thoughts on the subject:
  1. Yes, I'm old enough to remember grunge the first time around, so I can't really go back.
  2. Which brings us to the point that I'm probably too old to be looking at Teen Vogue.
  3. If it's See by Chloe, it's by definition, not really grunge anyway.
  4. Despite those glaring facts, I can't stop staring at this editorial. Isn't this what fall's supposed to look like? Take note, Mother Nature, take note.



13 October 2009

Sneak Peek for Etsy Update!

I spent a long, somewhat frustrating day taking photos for a much overdue Etsy update. I love this new studio space but it is showing its unique challenges as I try to adjust to a new lighting situation. It took me quite a while today to figure out the right camera settings to get the photos looking the way I want them to. No, my wall didn't change colors ten times today, that's little ol' me trying to work out a white balance issue. Just as I figured it out, the sun was going down and I lost the chance to finish up. Argh...

So, while they aren't quite ready to be posted in the store, I thought I'd give you a little peek at what I was working on. This is the first batch of dress but I also have a pile of lovely skirts and blouses that I'll be getting to this week as well. As far as the question of when these pieces will be available, I'm going to cross my fingers and say Thursday. Maybe if I put it in writing, it'll force me to buckle down and make it happen!

Once again, thanks so, so much for stickin' with me through this little transition period. All of your kind words and thoughtful comments really brighten my day!


I'm begging for attention in this silent space...*


photos by Tom b.

dress: 40s rayon dress
boots: UO
purse: vintage coach
hat: vintage wool beret
*listening to: Seafood- When Do We Start Fighting "Splinter"



12 October 2009

New Old Things


I'm in the process of photographing all of the fall pieces I'd been stockpiling over the summer for a big shop update (on Wednesday!). Today was the first day I sort of missed my brick wall. I'm still trying to adjust to using a solid wall as a background and haven't quite found the perfect camera settings to expose the photos the way I want to. So for practice, I threw a few of my recent finds on the hanger.

  • This black and cream 60s mini dress made me audibly squeal with delight when I pulled it off the rack. It's been lingering in a box since just before the move. When I pulled it out this weekend, it struck me how much it reminds me of the new Lyell collection which only made me love it more.
  • I've had many contenders pass through my closet, but the perfect little black dress has always been elusive. I think I've finally found my match. The perfect rayon fabric, gently gathered at the waist with a metal zipper up the back. True love.
  • This 40s cotton dress is more of a spring/summer thing but I love it so much I'm sure I'll wrap it up with a sweater and boots and wear it for fall anyway.
  • These 60s navy wool shorts aren't a new purchase, rather a score from Maude Loves Harold Vintage last fall that was newly rediscovered packed away in a box. Now I need to find my sheer navy tights to pair with these and my navy pea coat.