12 October 2009

New Old Things


I'm in the process of photographing all of the fall pieces I'd been stockpiling over the summer for a big shop update (on Wednesday!). Today was the first day I sort of missed my brick wall. I'm still trying to adjust to using a solid wall as a background and haven't quite found the perfect camera settings to expose the photos the way I want to. So for practice, I threw a few of my recent finds on the hanger.

  • This black and cream 60s mini dress made me audibly squeal with delight when I pulled it off the rack. It's been lingering in a box since just before the move. When I pulled it out this weekend, it struck me how much it reminds me of the new Lyell collection which only made me love it more.
  • I've had many contenders pass through my closet, but the perfect little black dress has always been elusive. I think I've finally found my match. The perfect rayon fabric, gently gathered at the waist with a metal zipper up the back. True love.
  • This 40s cotton dress is more of a spring/summer thing but I love it so much I'm sure I'll wrap it up with a sweater and boots and wear it for fall anyway.
  • These 60s navy wool shorts aren't a new purchase, rather a score from Maude Loves Harold Vintage last fall that was newly rediscovered packed away in a box. Now I need to find my sheer navy tights to pair with these and my navy pea coat.



the style spotter said...

high waisted shorts are adorable!


corrie said...

All incredible finds! I'd squeal too if I found that two tone dress!

Anonymous said...

flawless darling

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Laurel said...

Oh beautiful! I love all of these -but especially the two tone dress!

I am currently on a search for the perfect everday black dress - it is a difficult search!

x Laurel

(I am finally wearing the T'Straps I bought from you without tights - though Spring is so erratic here in NZ at the moment that I may regret that!)


Ashley said...

Lovely!The cream and black dress and the 60s day dress is so beautiful! I miss your brick wall too, but these new photos look cool too.

the spectator said...

The green in that bottom left dress. Isn't it a lovely shade?

Katherine said...

Oh the first one is a dream; great finds! Love your blog!

Jessica said...

the first one is amazing! so very lyell!!!

Jules said...

You are so awesome! Keep it up. =D

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Brown Mestizo

melly said...

I sat up in my chair when I saw the cream and black dress, definitely very Lyell!

Your idea for those navy blue shorts sounds mega awesome, can't wait to see it in photos!

hannah, heart city said...

lyell was exactly what i thought of upon seeing that first dress! lucky score.

electricat said...

that first dress is SO AMAZING.
it's so beautiful
I was literally staring at that picture for 5 minutes hoping that one day i can find something like that too ;)
all your clothes are gorgeous

these pics are still amazing by the way..the cream colored background is so lovely !

Anonymous said...

I love that first and third dress! So pretty, I want them for myself!

żorżeta said...

That black and cream dress is adorable!

Amy P. said...

That black and white dress is so so lovely! And those navy shorts are the shorts of my dream. I can't wait to see you wear them with a peacoat; you would look lovely. :}

jocelyn said...

are you going to put the black and cream dress in the store? :) also fawning over the lyellness of it!