28 June 2012

More London


Oh, dreary and grey London!  How we loved you.  It's true.  The grey skies and mist in the air couldn't have dampened our spirits.  We wandered through the streets, took a tour of the Thames, stood in awe of the Eye (but didn't take a ride), listened to Big Ben strike five o'clock and bundled up against the chill.  After spending some time along the river we wandered through Picadilly Circus, stopping along the way for some amazing Indian food.  Then we walked down Shaftesbury Avenue (insert Harry Potter reference here).  We arrived back in Camden late and had to (had to) stop for a late night snack of cheese fries & milkshakes;  vanilla for Tom & Nutella for me. 


21 June 2012

Dear Creatures Summer 2012


Perennial favorite Dear Creatures has some of the pieces from their spring collection in new prints and colors for summer.  I'm especially a fan of the rope-belted plaid dress.  I have it in the gingham print and it's pretty much the perfect summer dress.  The pastel plaid is really nice too.  Now I'm tempted by the red dress as I've been trying to incorporate more color into my everyday wardrobe. 


20 June 2012

Etsy Update: 1940s Dresses


Here is just a little peek at the collection of (mostly) 1940s cotton dresses that have been added to the Etsy  shop.  So many lovely things!  I had a lot of fun getting these ready for the shop and I'm excited to find new homes for all of them.  Since one of the requests that I receive frequently is for larger sizes, I will mention that quite a few of these would fall into that category.  Hop on over to the shop to see the rest! 


19 June 2012

London Calling


Here is another dose of vacations photos from our days in London.  We did so much walking while we were there!  We went through the Camden Markets, along the canals, wandered through Regent's Park and Queen Mary's Gardens, past Abbey Road studio, on to Primrose Hill for dinner at Manna (spotted Russel Brand having dinner with a pal) then back to Camden Town for drinks at the Chelsea End and Hobgoblins. 


15 June 2012

Etsy Update: High Waisted Shorts


My go-to summer outfit so far this year has been a pair of high waisted shorts and a tank top. So comfy on hot summer days! Grab a pair for yourself in the Etsy shop!

14 June 2012

I Will Wait For You There


Photographer: Damon Heath, Models: Ondria Hardin and Morgane Warnier, Stylist: Leith Clark, Scans from TFS

Pretty much everything Leith Clark lays her hands on is gold in my eyes, so it's no surprise that the editorial she styled in the new issue of Lula, I Will Wait For You There, is a new favorite.  Looking at these editorials always makes me want to seek out more opportunities to try my hand at styling.


12 June 2012

Etsy Update: Cotton Blouses


Pair them with high waisted shorts or a long flowing skirt! All of these pretty summer blouses are now in the shop.

Etsy Update: Summer Sandals


It's finally warm enough to break out the summer sandals!  All of these are now available in the Etsy Shop.

11 June 2012

Camden Stables Market


I think I've finally gotten myself together enough to share a few photos from our trip with you.  Things around here have been a bit hectic since we got back but I'm working on getting back to my regular routine.  In fact, I scored a bunch of late 40s-early 50s cotton dresses at a flea market over the weekend that I spent all day yesterday soaking and drying in the sun (but that's another story).

This story involves shopping at The Stables Market in Camden and a hat that I found at a vintage shop that hardly left my noggin' for the remainder of our trip.  Our time in London was based in Camden Town, in walking distance to the Stables Market.  The first day we were there, we wandered into a vintage shop and spent some time sifting through the racks.  Honestly I didn't find much that piqued my interest but I did spot a vintage felt fedora in the exact shape and size I'd been hunting for.  I bought it despite the fact that it closely resembled the thrifted J.Crew felt hat that I'd brought with me.  I could sense Tom's confusion as to why I was buying a hat that pretty much looked exactly like the one I was already wearing. But they are different!  Subtly so, but different nonetheless.  I also bought that feather-printed-cape-dress at another shop.  I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, so I thought I'd just show it to you on that super tall mannequin. 


As you can clearly see, the hat was my constant companion throughout our trip.  I wore it while goofing around in the Stables Market, walking along the locks, riding the tube, visiting Big Ben, shopping at Les Puces de Saint-Ouen and wandering along the canals in Amsterdam.


06 June 2012

Etsy Update: Summer Dresses


Here's another batch of pretty summer dresses... some of my favorites!  That "he loves me, he loves me not" print is one of the best things I've ever seen.  I've been holding onto it for way too long, and now it's time to find a new home.  You can check it out and lots more in the shop right now

05 June 2012

Brookes Boswell Millinery


Doesn't this look like perfect summer fun?  A backyard barbecue with good friends, good food and cocktails.  I just discovered Brookes Boswell Millinery through the latest issue of NEET Magazine.  The perfectly styled lookbook definitely caught my eye.  It's like a modern day party right out of a F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. 


04 June 2012

Etsy Update: Stripes


I'm finally getting back on track!  This is the first baby step to regular Etsy shop updates.  I have so many lovely things that need to find new homes and I'm hoping to start with these four dresses.  Hop on over the the shop and check 'em out!