25 February 2014

SJV on Instagram

Seems like I've been posting more on Instagram than the blog lately. It's just so easy! You can follow me here...

22 February 2014

Forest Swords

The perfect walking-through-the-snow music.  It's been on my iPod nonstop for the past week.

17 February 2014

Egretta Garzetta

I don't usually post about unmentionables on the blog, but these are too pretty to pass up.  Egretta Garzetta is a handmade line of lingerie from Riga, Latvia.  The name "Egretta Garzetta" is the Latin name for a bird that in Latvian is called the Silk Heron.  Each piece is designed and sewn by shop owner Līga Radziņ.  Lucky for us, her work is accessible around the world via her Etsy shop.  

13 February 2014

Etsy Update: Snow Day Sweaters

We're snowed in today so I'm working on updating the Etsy shop.  First up are these two cozy sweaters that would be perfect for keeping warm on a day like this.  Find them here and here...

12 February 2014

Whit Fall Winter 2014

I am definitely a sucker for a crescent moon print so the Whit Fall Winter 2014 collection caught my eye.  The New York City based line has been hit and miss for me over the seasons.  Sometimes I want every single piece, other times I could take it or leave it.  This collection is leaning towards wanting every single piece. 

10 February 2014

Samantha Pleet Presents Visions

directed by Maximilla Lukacs and Sarah Sophie Flicker
starring Louisa Gummer, India Menuez, Hannah Metz, and Tara Violet
narrated by Tennessee Thomas
director of photography Graham Willoughby

Samantha Pleet is presenting a short film featuring her Autumn Winter 2014 collection that is inspired by the personal recollections of Joan of Arc.  Even though we're still a season away from seeing these clothes in stores, the scenes featured in her tale are perfect for all of cold, snowy weather we're experiencing right now.  I really love that print that looks like comets flying through the night sky. 

06 February 2014

Etsy: A Little of This, A Little of That

I've just updated the Etsy shop with a nice mixture of vintage pieces: dresses, sweaters, skirts and blouses.

All found here...

05 February 2014

Follow Me on Instagram

Did you know you can now follow me on Instagram? It's mostly cats and vintage. Isn't that what Instagram is for?

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The Children Of Esfahan

Photos via The Daily Heller

Tom knows me so well, as soon as this email from The Daily Heller landed in his inbox he immediately forwarded it to me.  This collection of photos is from The Children of Esfahan, a collection of photographs featuring images of Polish refugee children who found haven in Iran as Germans and Russians laid waste to their homeland during WWII.  The photos, shot by Abolqasem Jala, were described as Diane Arbus-esque although I would argue that the studio shots are more Mike Disfarmer than Arbus.  Either way, I was riveted as I studied each photograph and would love to get my hands on the book so I could study every shot. 

03 February 2014

Gunta Stölzl

Ever since we visited Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater home last year, I've been focused on searching out interesting testiles to fill our home. Seeing all the textile's in Lauren's Apartment Therapy tour last week reignited my search.  Along the way I discovered the work of Gunta Stölzl.  Gunta was the only woman among the masters at the Bauhaus, one of the 20th century's most important schools of art, design and architecture.  She was a textile artist who played a fundamental part of the school's weaving workshop.  Now her work can be seen in museums such as the Albert and Victoria Museum and MOMA in New York City.  Obviously her original pieces are far out of my reach, but I love the colors and patterns in her work and for my own decorating purposes, will keep my eye out for similar designs that are inspired by her work.