05 February 2014

The Children Of Esfahan

Photos via The Daily Heller

Tom knows me so well, as soon as this email from The Daily Heller landed in his inbox he immediately forwarded it to me.  This collection of photos is from The Children of Esfahan, a collection of photographs featuring images of Polish refugee children who found haven in Iran as Germans and Russians laid waste to their homeland during WWII.  The photos, shot by Abolqasem Jala, were described as Diane Arbus-esque although I would argue that the studio shots are more Mike Disfarmer than Arbus.  Either way, I was riveted as I studied each photograph and would love to get my hands on the book so I could study every shot. 


Dulce Moonchild said...

This kind of pictures are always so interesting, specially if you think of the story behind them.

Unknown said...

i am polish and those kids don't look polish to me at all, but i really like the pictures and story behind them.