28 February 2010

Two drifters, off to see the world


Here are a few photos of the Fall Winter 2010 Moon River collection from Family Affairs. I'm really loving these fashion shows that don't look like fashion shows, set up like fake stage plays or dioramas. Here is a little information from the designers about the collection...

The Fall Winter 10 collection is darkly romantic and a little mystical with a muted color palette; inspired by the snow covered valleys and rich velvet details seen in Roman Polanski's 1967 film Fearless Vampire Killers.

The heroine of Moon River is holed up in a mountain house made of wood - simple and honest, in a pristinely beautiful setting with snow and mountains all around. Sitting at the kitchen table with a fire going, tea and cake and a fat cat by her side, reflecting on the ocean voyages she's taken and enjoying the peace and beauty of being in nature.


I've never seen Fearless Vampire Killers but since I sort of nerd out about anything vampire related I have a sneaking suspicion I would like it even though it looks sort of campy and silly. At least there are pretty costumes and Sharon Tate certainly isn't hard to look at. I definitely see the inspiration showing through in the collection; the orange velvety dress and the over all dark tones. I think my favorite piece is the mustard colored coat in the behinds the scenes shot. I've been looking for a coat in that color for ages. It's still so cold around here it seems perfectly apt to be coveting a winter coat even though all I can really do is think about spring.


26 February 2010

Etsy Sneak Peek

Another snowy and windy day here. Are you tired of hearing about the snow yet? Trust me, not nearly as tired as I am of feeling like I live inside a snow globe. Not much to do around here but work on an update for the shop. So... I better get to work! Here's a little look at the items I'll be adding to the Etsy shop throughout the day.


25 February 2010

Musser Park


photos by Tom b.

- 30s silk chiffon dress
- Fletcher for Lyell velvet jacket
- Target socks
- 30s oxfords
- 40s Bond Street bag
- vintage wool beret

Just the other day Tom and I took advantage of a little bit of sunshine and above freezing temperatures to get some fresh air in the park down the street. There's still plenty of snow on the ground (and 8 more inches coming today!) but it was refreshing to finally see some blue sky for a change.

I didn't have a lot of time to write yesterday when I posted about my sponsorships so I wanted to take a second to say something today. Rest assured that I don't plan on turning this space into Times Square with flashing ads and pop ups that assault you when you come to visit. I see the sponsorships as a way to connect with other Etsy sellers, bloggers and small business owners. Thank you for the encouraging comments and as for the anonymous naysayers (why are they always anonymous?) I think you'll see it's really not going to change things around here too much.

On another note, sorry it's been so quiet in the Etsy shop! I've been in the middle of a major office overhaul and I'm finally starting to feel organized after our move (yes, it's been that long!). I'm also working on getting a big pile of spring time dresses ready for you. In the meantime, I will be taking photos today for a little shop update tomorrow.


24 February 2010

Sponsor Sally Jane Vintage

SJV Sponsorships!

I'm making the move to start accepting sponsorships on my blog! I'd love to hear from any of you that are interested. Small business owners and Etsy sellers are welcome!

Please visit my Sponsor Page to get more information on my blog.

If you're interested please email me at sallyjanevintage@yahoo.com for rates! :)

23 February 2010

Samantha Pleet Spring 2010

Samantha Pleet - Spring 2010 from Samantha Pleet on Vimeo.

The Samantha Pleet video for her Spring collection paints a pretty picture of swimming in creeks, lying in sunlit fields and sitting around campfires. All things I would love to do right about now. I'm really smitten with that red striped dress but fear it would be too short in real life to pass as a dress. The little rompers are just perfect and I'm sort of kicking myself for never grabbing the Rapscallion one from UO last year. Maybe they'll have one again?

samantha pleet

21 February 2010

LA Vintage Giveaway Winner

Thank you so, so much for all of your comments on the LA Vintage giveaway! I'm excited to announce the winner is...



I'm so glad that all of you enjoyed the contest! Isn't it a great shop? Hopefully I'll be doing a few more of these contests in the near future so you gals can score some more goodies!

Pictures of You

Here are a couple more shots of lovely ladies sporting their SJV finds. You can see these ladies on their equally lovely blogs: A Thought is the Blossom and Mes Lunettes Folles. I love seeing these pieces in action! Giving new lives to clothes that have been tossed aside is one of the things that thrills me most about doing what I do. Keep 'em coming! If you have a photo of yourself wearing something you bought in the shop please send it along so I can share it here. :)


20 February 2010

Lula Issue 10

images from TFS via I Love Runway

A few images from the newest issue of Lula are making their way online. It seem that this go-round we'll be treated to a variety of cover gals. I really like the Charlotte di Calypso and Kate Sommers. I think that's because they remind me of Strawberry Shortcake and Lemon Meringue! On the opposite end of the spectrum the editorial from inside the magazine is dark and a bit morbid looking with girls in white dresses and red lips. I can't wait to see more! I think this time I'm going to pre-order my copy here. It seems like a reasonable price considering how much I've heard of them going for.


Ebay Heartbreaker

Ebay Heartbreaker

I have to admit I've pretty much given up on Ebay as a whole. I'm sure there are good things to be found (as evidenced here) but it's just too exhausting to dig through all of the crap to get to the good stuff. During the past few days of being sick I actually got bored enough to dive in and sort through the masses to see if anything caught my eye. I nearly squealed when I found this sweater! A perfect example of 20s knit sportswear in a lovely shade of mustard with a sailor collar in a small size... do I need to go on? I was already imagining it fitting right in with my wardrobe, dreaming up outfits to wear with it. But it was not to be. The ending bid price was $322! Yowsers! That's a pretty penny. I just hope whoever won loves it as much as I do!

19 February 2010

Best. Editorial. Ever.


Whenever I'm asked about my number one fashion inspiration it always comes back to one thing; Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. I love the pencils skirts and the oxford shoes! And you know I love me some berets! All the dust bowl fashion coupled with the 60s hair and makeup of that film... it makes my heart flutter every time. (Here's Tom and I doing our best Bonnie and Clyde back in '08)

So... when I discovered this editorial from the March 2010 issue of Harper's Bazaar I officially had to give it the Best Editorial Ever award. I know, I know. Some people are already hatin' on it because it's such a literal interpretation but I don't care. It's perfect in my book. Please bear with me and the following onslaught of photos. I couldn't bring myself to edit out a single one.


New Vintage Finds


I promise I will eventually feel like showing my face on the blog again but today is not the day. Still sneezing, still coughing, still feeling like a pile of blah. It's just a nasty cold but, boy has it got me down! Luckily I have cats to snuggle with and a boyfriend who cooks for me so I haven't really had to move from the couch too much. So, from the confines of the couch, I thought I'd share the things I picked up on my vintage shopping trip earlier this week.
  • There have been quite a few contenders for the "perfect little black dress" over the years but all of them have ended up letting me down in one way or another. Most have moved on to better homes through the shop. I think this one might be a winner. It needs the tiniest tweak in the bust and I think I could live in it this summer.
  • This skirt I picked up at Mommalicious. It looks like something I could find at Anthropologie but for a fraction of the price. For some reason it makes me think of ice cream. Maybe it's the Baskin Robbins color scheme or because it sort of looks like Dippin' Dots?!
  • Tom's calling these my Almost Famous sunglasses. I can't wait to wear them with hippie chick dress and braids this summer!
  • A pretty 40s floral print carpet bag with wooden closure. All I need is this with my little back dress and a pair of sandals for summer.
  • This was the craziest Salvation Army find; a pair of 30s peep toe pumps! I just closed my eyes and prayed my foot would fit as I tried them on. They're just perfect! And surprisingly comfortable. Now if all of the ice would melt I could actually wear them out of the house.
  • Last but not least, yet another vintage Coach bag to add to the collection. It think that might bring me up to about... 10? This one is just like the black one I've been carrying to death but in a nice buttery brown.

18 February 2010


Being under the weather has given me a chance to sit on the couch and play catch up with New York Fashion Week. A couple of things I noticed were lots of longer skirt lengths and lots of socks with sandals/oxford combos. Both are things that I liked! Here are my favorites. Did I miss anything great?

P.S. Don't forget to sign up to win $100 from LA Vintage! You have until Friday at midnight (EST) to leave your comment and I'll announce the winner on Saturday.

Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Steffe, Erin Fetherston, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Organic by John Patrick

17 February 2010

Pictures of You


All of this cold has brought with it... a cold. The achy, sneezy, sleepy kind that just makes me want to lie on the couch and watch bad TV. I was planning on getting out of the house a bit today to run some errands but those have all been indefinitely postponed. So instead, I thought I'd share a couple of photos of ladies rocking their Sally Jane Vintage finds. I love seeing these pieces in their new homes! And I'd love to see more photos of y'all wearing things you bought from the shop. If you have a photo of yourself in an SJV piece, please send it to me and I'd love to post it on the blog.

16 February 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell

photos from Coutorture

I feel like looking at these photos of the new Alexa Chung for Madewell collection are like playing a game of "I Spy". Let's see... I spy a little black dress with white collar! Blue jeans with polka dot cuffs! Lots of tights with clogs! I have to say I was really looking forward to seeing this collection and I'm not disappointed one bit. I see lots of things I'd like to get my hands on. Now I'm just curious to see how they're going to price the pieces. The nice thing about these vintage inspired lines is it's not too unreasonable to think that you could thrift some similar things if they're not in your price range. I'm already taking a mental inventory of what's in my closet to recreate some of these looks.


15 February 2010

Getting Some Fresh Air


After days of stuck-in-the-house-ness I was itching to get some fresh air. The cabin fever was a-gettin' to me so before I sat down to work for the day I went out for a stroll around town. The first thing I had to do was traverse the killer icicles hanging from our house. Check those babies out! I swear some of them are ten feet long. I actually fear for my life just a little bit every time I have to open the door.

My walk eventually led me to M0mmalicious and Smilin' Gal, my favorite two-in-one vintage shop in town. If I had a magic potion to make every dress in there fit me, I think I'd be in danger of going bankrupt pretty quickly! If you ever find yourself in Lancaster you must, must, must go. I promise you won't be able to walk out empty handed. I know I didn't! I found a couple of little things to put away until spring; a 40s carpet bag, a cute polka dotty skirt and a pair of big round sunglasses.

If you're not lucky enough to be in town you can still check out their websites (thanks for the links Alicia!):

Smilin' Gal
My Aunt Debbie


Draw Worm

Sally Jane
Kelley from Draw Worm was sweet enough to send this drawing she did based on one of my photos. It's such a lovely rendering! The photo she picked is one of my favorites. It was taken on the first truly warm day of spring last year and always conjures equally warm memories. Thanks so much Kelley!

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day: Win $100 from LA Vintage!


In a long line of me being the last to know, I recently discovered the online vintage shop LA Vintage. How could this have flown under my radar for so long?! I have since spent way too much time getting lost in their vast selection of vintage clothes, shoes, bag and so much more. They carry pieces in a wide range of sizes from the 50s to the 80s and every piece is unique. There's currently a 50s crochet blouse sitting in my closet acquired from the shop that I'm dying to wear once the weather turns warmer. So, when they contacted me about doing a give-away on my blog it was sort of a no brainer! I think the shop is quite lovely and if you haven't checked it out yet, now is the perfect time.

Here's the deal... all you have to do is hop over to LA Vintage, browse around the site (trust me, it won't be painful - ha, ha) and then leave a comment on this post telling me how you'd spend a hundred buckaroos in the shop. It's that easy! The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to spend in the shop however they like.

I'll be taking comments until Friday when a winner will be randomly selected. The contest is open to everyone, international readers included. Please be sure that your comment includes a way for me to get in touch with you either via a blog link or your email.


13 February 2010

Non Plus One

A French Nouvelle Vague inspired video for S/S Opening Ceremony. Love!

non plus one final from Tracy ANTONOPOULOS on Vimeo.

12 February 2010

Three Potato Four


The other day I was browsing on Three Potato Four, dreaming about decorating my office when Tom walked by and asked if we could please have one of each thing on the site. I seconded the motion. Our list of things to do around the house once the cold weather lifts just keeps getting longer and longer. More painting, building shelves and window seats, fixing up the backyard... it goes on and on! Here are a few things I would love to see around the house.


11 February 2010

Call me morbid, call me pale...


photos by Tom b.

- Anthropologie dress
- 60s child's coat
- Undercover wool tights
- H&M beret
- Hunter wellies
- vintage Coach bag
- listening to: The Smiths - Louder Than Bombs "Half a Person"


10 February 2010

Sneak Peek! Ginormous Etsy Update...

We're completely snowed in (seriously, it's a blizzard out there!) with nothing to do but work, work, work. That's the thing about working from home when it snows... it's not a day off! Instead of staring out the window at the snow piling up on the ground, I've been working on clearing off my "to-sell" rack.

I've been wearing a lot of black, brown, navy and cream lately and you can tell that's what I gravitate towards when I'm out shopping for the Etsy store. My goodness I have a lot of black dresses! Please help them find happy new homes. :)

I'll be slowly adding all of these items to the shop over the next 24 hours. If you see a piece you like and it's not in the shop yet, it's coming soon! Back to work now...


30 Under 30


photos by: Annie Stephens, Liz Shuman, Liz Shuman, Tanya Prilukova

When I discovered 30 under 30 it was the kind of thing where I had to drop everything I was doing an dive right in. I'm always on the lookout for new photography inspiration and here were 30 wonderful ones all in one spot! I had plans to do a weekly photographer feature on the blog (I still may do that) but I was just too excited about these to keep them under wraps for that long.

The site features the work of 30 young women photographers with its aim being casting light on women working behind the lens rather than in front of it. The images I have reposted here just begin to scratch the surface of the work represented on the site. When you have some time (and you'll need plenty of time!) be sure to hop on over and check it out.


photos by: Annette Pehrsson, Annette Pehrsson, Magdalena Pardo, Violeta Niebla


photos by: Selina De Maeyer, Snjezana Josipovic, Celine Fernbach, Snjezana Josipovic


photos by: Gilda Davidian, Amelie Chassary, Mylene Bressan, Elise Boularan

09 February 2010

Vintage Textiles


I've had this little collage of 1920s textile designs saved in my "draft folder" for a while now, not knowing quite what to say about it. The Textile Blog is another one of my favorite Flickr photostreams to stalk. I like these for so many reasons... the colors have certainly been inspiring many of my outfits lately. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a dress printed with one of these designs? I've also been scouring the site for house decorating ideas - from coveting the William Morris rugs to wishing I could cover my wall with crazy old wallpaper designs.

Looking at these is cheering me up a bit this morning since I looked at the weather forecast. Not to be a Debbie Downer but the 12-14 inches of snow we're set to receive this evening on top of the 26 inches that are still lingering out there almost sent me into tears. I'm just feeling a bit stir crazy is all. I think that means I should go ahead and do my weekly thrifting today, probably the only day the roads will be clear enough to drive this week. Hmmm... yes, that should certainly cheer me up. Also, I'll be updating the shop later today with lots of lovely dresses!

08 February 2010

Passing signs on the road telling me I'm far from home...


photos by Tom b.

- 60s knit mini dress
- 30s red wool coat from 1385
- Undercover wool tights
- vintage silk scarf
- vintage wool beret
- Hunter wellies
- listening to: Doves - Some Cities "One of These Days"


07 February 2010

Orla Kiely Spring


Bear with me here, while I alternate between posting about the two feet of snow outside on my doorstep and the pretty spring looks I'm dreaming about once the weather warms up. Don't get me wrong, I'm actually enjoying the wintery weather right now in some ways. It's so pretty outside and I don't have anywhere I need to go so being stuck inside with a little work to do and good food to eat is not such a bad thing. But my mind can't help but wander to warmers days...

One thing I always look forward to at the beginning of each season is flipping through the Orla Kiely lookbook. It makes me feel a bit like Christmas morning, albeit a Christmas morning where I don't get to keep any of the present. Still, nobody makes me want to wear prints more than Orla and the styling gets me every time. For spring I'm loving the color palette of rusty browns, navy blue and sea green. And the sunglasses, oh the sunglasses! I don't remember the last time I bought a new pair. I've been wearing the same aviators from H&M all winter long. I adore those 40s style cream ones paired with the navy looks. I'm also putting light, lacy socks to wear with oxfords on my list of must-tries.

P.S. If you like these, be sure to watch the film. It's nice to see the clothes in motion rather than just still photos.


06 February 2010

Snowed In


Hello from Winter Wonderland! The three inches of snow that fell on Tuesday night feels like nothing compared with the two feet that's fallen in the past 24 hours. Tom and I have spent the day trying to keep up with shoveling the sidewalk in front of our house (ok, Tom really did the shoveling). I trudged through thigh high snow drifts in the backyard to feed the birds that were trying to keep warm. The snow on our birdhouse (thanks Mom!) has been acting as our snow gauge.

I spent the rest of the afternoon making a huge pot of hot and sour soup to warm our bones and baking brownies for snacking on tonight while we finally get around to watching The Hangover. Not exactly a fashionable day. Ha, ha! I still had on my pjs underneath my coat when we snapped these photos first thing this morning. Umm... I'm still wearing them now. I think we're going to try and get out tomorrow for a walk and enjoy the car-free streets and trees heavy with snow. More pictures then!

Alexa Chung for Madewell


I have to admit I'm pretty excited about this. According to early reports the line will consist of "tea dresses, polka dots, high waisted skinny jeans, wool jackets with lace, bomber jackets, etc." Hmmm.... sounds about right. Madewell is one of those stores that I walked right by when I was in NYC and didn't stop in because we just didn't have time. Now I'm sort of wishing I had because they seem to have some really cute things and no online store (yet). Hopefully they'll have their online store active for fall!*

Here is an excerpt from a Vogue article (via olive, my love) that made me even more excited:

The first pieces from the collection will be available this September, and will be sold under the label Alexa Chung for Madewell. “Pretty original, huh?” she says, laughing. “I’d wanted to call it Better than a Poke in the Eye [a Britishism for “better than nothing”], but I think we’ll save that for the buttons on the jeans.” So, denim, then? “Yeah, because it is a big thing for them. We’re doing dungaree dresses.” The design directive she gave to herself was: “Things my girlfriends would wear, and say, ‘That’s sick!’ ” Expect high-waisted pants and jeans, velvet dresses with Peter Pan collars, and a coat based on a vintage children’s one she found that originally came from Harrods. There will be nothing that nods to the eighties or nineties, because she’s not into either decade. “I want to bring back forties tea dresses, sixties mod dresses. . . . I want to bring cute back.” If she means cute of the non-saccharine, supercool variety, she already has.

*I take that back (sort of). Apparently you can shop with them via Shopbop. You learn something new every day.

05 February 2010

Jackson, Johnston & Roe


It's a bit tortuous looking at all of the photos of spring clothes with the Weather Channel promising up to 16 inches of snow falling tonight. Oh well. I just can't help myself. These looks from Jackson, Johnston and Roe are taking my mind off the weather quite nicely. There's something about them reminding me of 20s girls on the beach with their striped umbrellas and awnings. I'm also adding those shorts to my list of wants for the summer. I'm a sucker for a window pane check. And maybe this is the summer that I'll finally wear a white dress? I always think they look so fresh and light - but I'm a messy girl and know I'll end up smeared and stained by the end of the day.


04 February 2010

70s Separates

I'm working on another update for the Etsy shop this afternoon... this time it's 70s separates! Lots of pretty plaid skirts, earth toned sweaters and blazers and soft blouses.


03 February 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg


I don't think I have to say too much about these photos of Charlotte Gainsbourg from Flaunt Magazine. Serious girl crush. There's also a great article in the magazine with Mlle. Gainsbourg so if you're a fan, be sure to check it out. Some girls just have it, no? Man, that Jane Birkin really knew what she was doin'! Also, please grow hair, grow!


A Little More Snow


photos by Tom b.

- 70s sweater dress
- thrifted brown tights
- 70s leather boots
- vintage felt cloche
- vintage gladstone bag
- Francisca Botelho escapulario necklace