25 February 2011

Photography: Marianne Breslauer


I stumbled upon Marianne Breslauer's photographs by accident when I was searching for some else entirely (I can't even remember what). I was fascinated by her portraits of 30s era women with their short hair and boyish clothes. I did a quick search and learned that she briefly studied photography under Man Ray before pursuing her own path as a photographic reporter. She eventually left her native Germany after being asked to publish her photographs under a pseudonym to hide the fact that she was Jewish.

In a strange, seven-degrees-of-separation sort of twist, I also learned that she traveled with and often photographed Annemarie Schwarzenbach. Annemarie was at one time an object of affection for Carson McCullers. McCullers even dedicated a book to her, Reflections in a Golden Eye. One of my goals for the year was to read more, and McCullers is an author that I included on that list. It's a small world! (sorry for getting that song stuck in your head)



BaronessVonVintage said...

HEAVENLY. Thanks for sharing these!

Dakota said...

How elegant; I usually associate 30s photography with all the FSA, down-and-out type pictures, which are very stunning in their own right, but all these gals in sleek trousers and glam fingerwaves are kind of refreshing!

I'm really enjoying your photography series, by the way. William Christenberry is a particular new favorite; so thank you; I'm already looking forward to the next one : )

Melissa said...

I love this post. Thanks for turning me on to her. xoxo

nona said...

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Rosaspina Vintage said...

These women are stunning, they look so elegant and strong. I love these pictures, thanks for introducing us to such a talented artist.

Q's Daydream said...


Caitlin Rose said...

Love this post. I love hearing about interesting women from the past : )

You might want to check out my post about Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon, she was a fashion designer at the turn of the century. It's just so nice to hear about powerful women!


Caitlin Rose said...

sorry, I've just changed by url to


Mei-li said...

wouaaah there are awesome I love theme
so nice I will try to dress like that for the summer !!!
shirt and big trousers !!

Lexie said...

it's so nice to see photographs of strong, beautiful women. thanks for sharing!

simona said...

i love these photographs. makes the past more real. i mean the black and white sometimes makes it hard to connect to times past, but these photos make me imagine me and my friends, how we would've looked in that era.

Jenny said...

These photographs are so very beautiful and inspiring. I especially love the picture of the sunbathers. It is so elegant. xoxo

Ahka Vintage said...

Oh wow such stunning photographs. Women were so much more elegant back then!