22 July 2013

The Black Belt Project

(Photos taken by Tom and me.  Although not an exact reflection of the work we're aiming to document in the Black Belt, here's a sampling of images taken in Alabama in the past.)

The closer we get to our trip to Alabama, the more excited we are getting!  Our Kickstarter project has only 8 days left and we're so very appreciative of all the support we've received.  We have backers for our project from Norway to Australia and scattered all across the United States!  We've been busy sorting out the details of the trip; studying the Alabama atlas, reaching out to local folk artists for tips on places to visit, researching the history of the area and makings lists of things to pack (lots of sunscreen and insect repellant).  

While we plan on making the trip on our own even if the Kickstarter project goal is not met, we are crossing our fingers that we're able to share our adventure with as many people as possible!  The funds from the Kickstarter project will be used to publish a record of our time spent exploring the Black Belt aimed at delivering a balance of historic, cultural, and contemporary influences from the region that put the Belt's vast diversity on full display. 

If you'd like to follow along on our journey, please be sure to check out the details via our Kickstarter page.  There are various levels of support available and each one carries with it a variety of rewards.  Every little bit helps!  Tom and I thank you again for your support, not only for this project, but for all or your support over six years (!) of blogging, photographing and exploring! 


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Dani said...

Beautiful photos :) Best of luck on your trip, I'll have to go check out the kickstarter!

<3 dani