12 March 2013

The Chick and The Duck


Over the weekend Tom and I experienced a bit of cute overload.  We were visiting friends who just happen to be transferring a dozen chicks and four adorable ducklings to their new enclosures.  They were outgrowing their old accommodations and the spring-like day we were having was the perfect opportunity for the little ones to explore their new homes.  Baby chicks are awfully cute, but man, I've gotta give it up for the baby ducks in the cuteness department.  I wanted to take them all home with me.  Of course, that would not have gone over well with the cats.  For helping with the transfer, we got the honor of naming two of the ducklings.  The little yellow one with the pink bill is named... Pink!  So of course the other one (on the far left) is Floyd. 

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fawn said...

Just looking at these photos made my mirror cells go crazy. I can almost feel the nibble of duckling beaks on my fingers. (Too bad I'm just sitting in front of a screen, right?) ;)

LaLa Love said...

so cute!!