26 September 2007

Wardrobe Remix 9-26

dress: Forever 21
trench: H&M
tights: Urban Outfitters
scarf: H&M
shoes: vintage
beret: vintage

It's turned warm again here so all of my fall ensembles will just have to wait. I figured I could get away with the trench today since it's short sleeves. The shoes are pinching the toes a little, but I guess that's just suffering for fashion. They remind me of the ones in Marc by Marc Jacobs' spring show. I suppose if my toes are numb by the end of the day, I can always sell them on Ebay.


LF said...

You are rockin the beret!!! Love it!! I was looking at your store yesterday, and love it too. On a side note that is crazy you are from Bama, never would have expected that...I have only been here for school and when that is done I am l.e.a.v.i.n.g (Dec. 08) anywho~Have a wonderful day!!

Anonymous said...

The shoes, the beret, the sunglasses...you are so working the foreign spy look.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Thanks! I didn't think of it looking spy-ish when I get dressed, but on a second glance I do look up for some espionage.

Anonymous said...

http://www.flickr.com/photos/adorevintage/1388904534/ !