20 November 2007

Those Boots!

On Saturday morning I woke up super early to catch a bus to a vintage warehouse sale north of LA. Two buses and over an hour later I finally arrived and was the first (yay!) in line at the door. I've never managed to arrive before the doors open and alway end up picking through all of the leftovers. Second in line to me was one of those impossibly cool girls looking impossibly put together for that early on a Saturday morning. She was wearing the most amazing three buckle boots I've ever seen, with the top buckle undone, casually paired with black tights, a black mini dress and a studded navy peacoat. If she hadn't been completely preoccupied pecking away on her Blackberry, I would have asked her where she got them. When the doors opened I went straight for the sale pile and started grabbing everything that looked interesting while she walked straight past the sale pile to the full price racks. See? Impossibly cool. Anyway, the point is I still can't stop thinking about her boots! I've searched everywhere I can think of online and haven't seen a pair just like them, but I have seen some others that might do. I'd like them to have flat soles (or a lug sole with a small heel at most), be mid-calf in height, and buckle closed. Not too much for a girl to ask, right? Here are some ideas...

From Steve Madden.

From Steve Madden & TopShop.

From Wedins (I don't know if you can order these from the US).

Of course all of these are real leather and well out of my price range, but I'll keep my eye out for something similar that's within my reach. With grunge being the next big thing to come back into fashion I'm sure we'll all be seeing more of the tougher looking boots in the future. If only I'd kept my Doc Martens from high school!


Anonymous said...

I happened upon a pair that might be what you are looking for, they are Steve Madden and the style name is Outside. Here's the link for you


Good luck in your shoe quest.

- jesse said...

I have been looking for ones like those Topshop ones in pleather to no avail. Woe.

Those are all really cute.

Mo said...

I've had some luck at flea markets. Maybe you'll find some at Fairfax? Btw, can you tell me a little more about that vintage warehouse sale north of LA? Like what was it like, price-wise? style-wise? and how'd ya hear about it?

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Oh Monelle! A girl has to have her secrets, right? Let's just say the first time I walked into the warehouse I called my boyfriend and told him I had just found vintage heaven. For now my lips are sealed (don't hate me!) but I'm moving away from LA at the beginning of January and promise to spill all of my vintage shopping secrets when I leave. (Or if you want to send me your email address, I'll give you a little scoop.)