09 January 2008

Who Needs Prada?

For those of us who coveted the two-toned Prada socks but would never (or could never) lay down a whopping $50-$100 for a pair, leave it to American Apparel to directly rip them off and bring them to us for just $12 a pair. Every once in a while, American Apparel does some thing right. Don't quote me on that.


mary said...

You are right!
Nice blog...really.
Big kiss from Italy.
if you want to take a tour pass to visit me.

Imelda said...

I love those socks!!

Lauren said...

Love those socks. I like them better than the Prada version.

Michelle said...

I quite like the mustard pair, even though AA's hoisery is so expensive.

AlicePleasance said...

Wow! They're great! I should take a look at AA website today :-)

Wendy said...

Oh sweet! I've been wanting some for a really long time now!