27 March 2008

Salvation Army

It was a beautiful day yesterday so I ventured back out to the Salvation Army for a day of half-off thrifting. I'm enjoying the hunt for vintage clothes much more here in Pennsylvania than I did in LA. Although I found some amazing pieces in LA, it always felt like a competitive sport. I would walk into a vintage store and instantly feel pressure and anxiety. There were always a dozen other girls, grabbing things left and right and I always felt like I was missing out on all the good pieces. Here, I'm shopping shoulder to shoulder with little blue haired ladies and Mennonite women in their bonnets. Gone are the C-list celebrities and movie stylists. Good riddance! As for my haul yesterday I found lots of cute, summery dresses that I'll be listing in the store as well as a few last minute cold weather pieces. I was smitten with those black and white oxfords. They were even in my size! But when I picked them up I realized the insides were completely falling apart and flaking off. It was a little gross so I ended up passing on them. :(


Katia said...

the oxfords are so cute, they remind me of old grandpa dancing shoes but I love themm!
I love your pictures too, the first one and the one of the sky, they're beautiful =]

Rosaline said...

It's the same here in New York as in Pennsylvania. The thrift stores are usually full of close and empty of competition.

I'm going to be back in York for a few days during the summer. We should hit up some stores together!

thimbles and gingham said...

those shoes are divine. Its a shame they're falling apart. Its the pits when you see something great and then realised that its terribly stained or has massive holes.

Miss T said...

I dont have to say it but those shoes are too special, i like that thier patent gives them a bit of extra zing.

dance with me forever said...

i want those shoes so badly! its so hard to find those kind of shoes here, i see it one at zara, but they dont have my size :(