11 December 2008

More of This Week's Auctions

Since it's pouring down rain outside, I'm dedicating the entire day to getting this week's auctions ready to post. All of these items and the ones below will be in the store tomorrow afternoon (Friday). Please note that these auctions will only run for seven days and will end next Friday (as opposed to the usual Sunday end time).

This week I've got lots of little dresses, a few cute wool skirts, the warmest hooded plaid jacket and lots more. I'm super tempted to keep those brown buckle boots, but I'm doing my best to be good and put them in the store. And for the first time, I'm putting a few things for the guys in the store: a couple of plaid western shirts and a suede trimmed vest. So tell your brothers, your boyfriends and your dads! Thanks as always!!
***A huge thank you to Tom for being my model!!


AlicePleasance said...

I adore the lacey floral tights you're wearing in the first picture! And, of course, what a nice new model :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow. Tom is the spitting image of Hugh Laurie.

Sally Jane Vintage said...

Ha, ha. Yes, he gets that all the time.

Villipuutarha said...

Love the brown boots!

Tom's looking good :)


Retro Robot said...

loooove those brown boots. can't wait to see them up tomorrow. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahah he does look the Hugh Laurie, that's the first thing I thought!

Love the brown boots also, my vintage brown boots are starting to fall apart. I am in desperate need of a new pair.

Anonymous said...

P.s. My best friend has the short brown boots. I just noticed that, hah.

Matt said...


Lady Melbourne said...

Hey Sally Jane, cute model!!
I'll tell my boyfriend, he's always looking for new online stores.
Lovely auctions.

Anonymous said...

Men's clothes! Woooooooo! Our poor lads have been neglected too long! I hope to see more of these!

Anonymous said...

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